Things You Should Know About CCTV Drain Survey

The drains problem has been going on for a very long time now. But luckily, with the presence of technology, this problem can now be sorted in a much easier way. This CCTV survey is the actual method to examine the exact condition of drainage systems closely with the camera system, which records the video footage & captures other valuable data.

This technology has also become the essential device for inspecting & surveying the underground sewers, drains, culverts & associated drainage systems securely, quickly & also cost-effectively. 

This equipment & techniques are also deployed to conduct the CCTV surveys (drainage) and can be utilized to inspect the above-ground pipes, such as rainwater downpipes, soil stacks, industrial methods pipes, & the storage tanks ducting systems & vertical chutes. To know this in detail, you can gather knowledge about the London CCTV drain survey

What Is The Purpose Of Using CCTV Surveys? 

As the remote access method, these CCTV drain surveys generally allow the data to be gathered securely, without the operatives having to conduct the confined place entries that are very hazardous.

CCTV surveys are essential to plan preventative maintenance programs. For example, they permit the owners to control costs & ignore highly- damaging drain & pipe failures.

Also, they are utilized to investigate sewer & drain problems, like blockages, fewer flow rates, & the pollution that occurs.

Sewer & Drain Inspections

CCTV cameras can also carry out quick & straightforward drain & sewer inspections or asset condition surveys as part of the PPM program. However, it cannot involve recording full drainage survey data or completing the full CCTV drainage survey report that speeds up an inspection method & controls all costs.

Push The CCTV Drainage Cameras

For pipes with smaller diameters, where bends in a pipe stop the robotic crawler cameras from being utilized, or the vertical pipes, like soil stacks, the drainage engineers can use the push CCTV cameras, also known as the pushrod cameras.  

This mini camera & the supporting LEP lights are located on an end of the flexible rod stored on the small portable reel.

The CCTV survey operative can also guide the flexible rod into & along the drain or the sewer when viewing the video progress on the screen installed above the specific reel. London CCTV drain survey is one of the best to be used. 

Reports Of CCTV Drainage Survey 

The drainage survey data is also incorporated in the survey report that can be supplied through online document transfer, email, or hard copy. In addition, the video evidence is delivered via a cloud storage system, on the disc, or the hard drive.


The most advanced & best CCTV drain survey system utilizes bespoke software to permit the data to comply effectively & quickly. This controls client costs & presents in the way that best suits the client’s requirements, can be easily understood & analyzed & also incorporated with some other data sets as part of the works planning.

Joshua Leblanc