DIY Methods To Clear A Blocked Drain 

“Blocked drains Maidstone” is one of the most common reasons people need a plumber, and it might be the root cause of all your drainage problems. If you are looking for tips to clear any “blocked drains Sittingbourne” yourself, this article is for you. There are plenty of home remedies you must check out before calling in a plumber to clear your blocked drains Maidstone. Given below are some methods that might help you clear a clogged drain.  

Boiled water is effective in clearing blockage caused due to toiletries or grease. The melting point of these substances is low, and the hot water helps break them up. You need to boil water in a vessel and pour it through the drain to clear it. People also use natural cleaners to cleanse blocked Sittingbourne. Natural cleaner consists of a variety of mixtures like sodium bicarbonate and vinegar. 

Pouring the combination of water & natural cleaner down the blocked drain might help break the blockage up and clear the drain. Acidic cleaners are suitable for stricter jams, and they take intense action against the mess and dissolve grease, fats, oils, etc. You should ventilate the room before starting. 

Plungers are a tried-and-true method you should attempt before hiring a plumber. Plungers are an ingenious device for sucking up any clogs in your drains. They do, sometimes, necessitate some strength and perseverance. It may take a few attempts, but they have successfully cleared domestic drains for decades. If all previous approaches have failed, your drain may require a more robust solution, such as a chemical cleaner. Chemical drain cleaners are available at most supermarkets. 

Pour it down your drain and let it sit for a few hours or overnight to do its job. To complete the procedure, run hot water down the sink, and you should have a lovely, cleared drain. Why not try a biological cleaner if you want to be more ecologically friendly and avoid harsh chemical cleaners? These cleaners employ enzymes to eat through any blockages, but their power is restricted to harsh chemical cleaners, so they may not eliminate more persistent filth.

On the other hand, a natural cleanser successfully removes hair, soap, and other easy-to-remove obstructions. If you don’t already own one, the Zip-it is fantastic drain cleaning equipment that you should invest in. It’s a long plastic stick with upward-facing hooks that pull the filth out as you lift the rod when inserted into a drain. This is a simple and effective method for removing the clog from your drain pipes. This is a fantastic drain cleaning device!  

You should surely try these DIY methods to clear your blocked drain. However, if your drain remains blocked, you should consult a plumber. Consult any blocked drains Maidstone specialist today and let them help you unblock your drain safely and effectively without any hassle.