The Benefits of Fitting a Smart Toilet

You might be forgiven for thinking that the way the modern cistern toilet operates is so tried-and-tested that it requires no improvement. However, as soon as you start looking closer into how a modern smart toilet can outperform old-fashioned sanitaryware in both homes and commercial settings, you’ll realize just how many advantages fitting them offers.

Continue reading to learn more about the automation on offer with today’s generation of bathroom products and why you should consider opting for a smart toilet for your home or business premises from Swan Toilets.

Why Are Smart Toilets a Smart Investment?

To begin with, a smart toilet won’t necessarily be as expensive as you might have thought. Yes, whether you’re talking about toilets or bidets, technology-packed sanitaryware will cost more than a standard unit. However, when you look at all the features of a modern smart toilet, you will soon realize how much more bang you get for your buck.

Note that smart toilets need proper drainage plus an electrical power source. However, given that many come with five-year warranties, you’ll have plenty of use from yours before you even need to think about maintenance.

Feature-Rich and Future-Proof

The sort of smart toilet technology available today means that going for a comfort break does mean enjoying some well-earned comfort. Among the many benefits of fitting smart technology into your bathroom are the following:

  • Automated washing – The smart technology on offer nowadays means that flushing your toilet isn’t all that happens after use. Instead, expect a full-wash nozzle with tiny bubbles to remove all dirt, grime, and microbes.
  • Heated seating – A smart product shouldn’t just provide you with a superior user interface but offer an individual one, too. Smart toilets typically warm your seat prior to use, and some even have multiple settings for different users so you always get the temperature that suits you.
  • Personalized cleansing – In bidet mode, a smart toilet will wash your intimate body parts for you and even make use of an antibacterial ultraviolet light to ensure you are thoroughly cleansed and refreshed before you are finished.
  • No-hands operation – If you want to avoid touching the moving parts of a toilet when using it, then you’re not alone, and smart technology makes this a reality. Hands-free operation is something that patrons of hotel rooms, restaurants, and public institutions, like museums, tend to appreciate greatly since they will only sometimes know who the last person to use the facility was.

Discover More About Automated Toilet Technology By Visiting Swan Toilets!

In today’s world, you can learn a lot more about the automation level going into toilet production from some US sanitaryware manufacturers. Companies like Swan Toilets have a wealth of information to share on smart toilet technologies and those suited to bidets and other types of bathroom products. With so many advances in the smart toilet technology industry, it’s worth to check out some of the latest developments. Don’t hesitate to visit Swan Toilets today!

Jack Herold