How To Find Roof Leaks


A roof leak can result in an emergency roof repair, depending on how severe the problem is. Toronto roof leak repair: The source of the water is not where it is coming from. Instead, the drip is the point at which the water is stopped. Most often, it lands on that beautiful piece of furniture you love. Most common leaks can be fixed quickly and easily.

How to Find Roof Leaks

Unbroken sheets of shingles, however, are not a source for leaks. Vents, chimneys, and dormers are. You may not see the leaks, but they could be very close. If you have an attic and have access to it, inspect the decking for stains. Once you find them, the leaks can be identified.

How to Find Difficult Leaks

You will need to work together to find the leak. A helper is needed and a garden hose. Once the helper has arrived, take the hose and spray the roof downwards. This is where penetrations like chimneys and vents are located. Your assistant will then locate the drips. 

A Small Leak Solution

It can be difficult to locate leaks. A shiner is a nail that has been misdriven and opens up for water to enter. Condensation is another problem caused by misdriven nails. Condensation is caused by warm air entering the attic. This causes cold nails to become wet and water drips. They will appear white, frost-covered. 


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