Four Important Factors to Consider When Buying Wooden Pallets

When you buy wooden pallets for big businesses, you must consider some key metrics to make sure you get the right products for the job. Such seemingly basic structures require serious attention. Wooden pallets are used to handle and store goods or shipping containers. They make it easy to handle and move goods as well as offer air circulation for some products. Below are some factors to think about when working with your pallet maker to supply the products for your next shipment:


These days, wooden pallets are available in a range of wood like oak, maple, oak, mahogany, and others. You can also find Spec Wood spf low grade pallets. Wood tends to be durable, reusable, cost-effective, and suitable for heavier loads. Other materials you can choose from include plastic and metal, but they tend to be costlier than wood. 

Pallet Sizes

Standard sizes for wooden pallets range from 48×40, 42×42, and 48×48 inches. In a lot of European countries, square configurations are preferred. In general, such configurations are easier to lift and are more stable. Additionally, wooden pallets can be configured to accommodate storage and forklifts. 

The size of pallets impacts storage space, logistics, and the items that can be packed on them. Some goods require pallets that are custom-built to accommodate, so work closely with your supplier and logistics team. This way, you can avoid problems with transportation. 

Pallet Capacity and Shipment Weight

Your shipment’s weight must be considered, so you don’t end up overpacking in logistics and make sure the pallets are sturdy enough to support and protect your goods. Although wooden pallets are lightweight, they can still around 30lbs to 50lbs each pallet to the overall load. Because pallets can support up to 4, 6000lbs, you cannot overload them. However, other factors impact this capacity such as the type of wood they are made from and their construction. 

Treatments and International Regulations

Regulations are in place to oversee pest prevention and wood treatments for wooden pallets. They vary depending on the destination of the pallets. Each pallet usually has a stamp on it that tells the treatment method the wood went through and its origin. This stamp lets you determine if the pallet is safe for your specific application.

Ensure you understand how various wooden pallets are made to know if the products are allowed for your shipping needs. Wooden pallets utilised for internal transit within a country may not have any stamps. Since the majority of them aren’t chemically-treated, they are safe. However, you need to exercise caution.  

Joshua Leblanc