Your Ultimate Choice for Cleaning Service in Wheaton

Cleaning Service is becoming one of the indispensable services today. Because whether it’s a house, building, or office space, All need Cleaning. When discussing this service, many people think of having staff come to clean with complete equipment, right?

However, cleaning needs are not limited to floors or building walls. Various cleaning companies have selected many different services to meet the different needs of each person. So what types of cleaning services are there? What kind of service does each type provide? Care Cleans will be introduced in this article.

5 most popular types of cleaning services

First, we must say that each cleaning company such as EuroMaids for example has different specialties. Therefore, the cleaning service model is often unique as well. But even so, the form of service that we can often see There are approximately 5 types as follows:

  1. General cleaning service

service is considered a cleaning service. Standards that must be met include general Cleaning within the building, such as mopping the floor, wiping, and cleaning furniture. Doors and windows, etc., may be counted as “per-time” services, and the area must be eliminated for Cleaning. Or is it a cleaning service that calculates the price based on the size of the worksite area? And there will be cleaning staff coming to clean within the specified period. A small number of employees will come to clean or according to the size of the area.

  1. Daily and monthly maid service

It is one of the services companies or organizations provide in office space or small rental offices. Often, they choose to use it to keep the work area clean and tidy. This allows office workers to come to work fully. No worries about the dirt itself. It depends on the agreement between the cleaning company and the user. Maid service can be a daily, monthly, or long-term service. And starting with the number of housekeepers, 1 person comes to clean. If you need additional maids, there may be an additional charge.

In most cases, Maid services usually have a greater scope of work. In addition to sweeping and mopping the floor or wiping dust off furniture, This may include storing shelves. Clean the kitchen area, Including wiping doors and mirrors. In addition, hiring a maid from a cleaning company is more reliable and safer for your property than hiring a personal maid. Get a professional housekeeper and help save costs in the long run

  1. Big Cleaning Service

Big Cleaning or big cleaning services such as cleaning service wheaton for example are usually provided by a team of 5-6 or more skilled employees along with specialized cleaning equipment to take care of cleaning the area, such as an industrial vacuum cleaner, pressure water sprayer, or floor polisher, etc., which involves taking care of and cleaning every room and every corner of that house or building whether it’s the floor, walls, ceiling, to every piece of equipment and furniture in the house that can be done.

General cleaning service This type is often used when the owner of a house, building, or place. Want to completely clean every nook and corner, for example, after building a house to remove dust and residual dirt? Houses that have just moved in or moved out of a building that has not been cleaned for a long time or cleaning to prepare the area for the event with the resolution of cleaning work. As a result, the price is higher than other cleaning services. But it’s worth it.

Luke Reed