Working with Pest Control Companies in Alamo Heights

It’s not unusual to come across insects, rodents, and bugs in Alamo Heights. However, finding signs of pest infestation at home can be truly scary. Pests like roaches, rats, and mice can spread serious diseases, while others like termites can damage the wooden structures of your home. No matter what the internet tells you, you need professional pest control Alamo Heights to deal with the situation. Here are some tips for your help. 

Finding the right company

If you are comparing pest control companies, here’s what you need to check-

  1. Is the chosen company licensed?
  2. Does the company have liability insurance?
  3. What type of pest control services do they offer?
  4. Is the company locally owned and operated?
  5. Do they have an office?

It’s wise to work with an exterminator that lives and works in your community. Also, make sure that you check whether they have insurance for their workers. 

Getting an estimate

Gone are times when pest control companies shared estimates on a phone call. Today, almost every company will offer an inspection of your home to find signs of infestation, and once they know the type of pests they are dealing with, the team will share an estimate. The cost also depends on the extent of the damage or infestation. Don’t choose a company just because they are cheaper than others. Instead, look for experience, competence, and expertise.

Eco-friendly pest control

Scientists and experts have been talking about the adverse effects of pesticides, chemicals, and insecticides on the planet and other animals. As a consumer, you have to make a conscious choice and find a pest control company that focuses on Integrated Pest Management. Companies that follow the IPM approach usually use safer EPA-approved products for pest control and minimize the use of pesticides to the best possible extent. 

Get maintenance contract

It’s a common myth that pest control is a one-time thing. Texas is home to numerous types of pests, and if you don’t spend on preventive measures, you may have to deal with situations that were avoidable in the first place. Talk to the selected service and ask them if they have maintenance contracts. If you can prevent pests from entering your home, you don’t have to bother about spending huge on pest control later.

Don’t ignore the signs of infestation at home. Call a pest control service in Alamo Heights today and get an estimate. 

Luke Reed