Wicker their Weaving Process and Uses Indoor & Outdoor

When people go to buy furniture, most people would choose either wooden furniture or some would choose metal furniture. Many of them do not know what is a wicker and about wicker furniture. Most people know wicker as a weaving process and not the name of the material. One of the things that you should know is that wicker furniture is not limited to natural materials only, it can be made from any man-made material or natural material. These materials are pliable and durable and they can be woven into furniture. Let’s see what is a wicker. Wicker means various kinds of vines, plants, and grasses that are used for weaving them into furniture.

Wicker Headboards – 

Wicker furniture of all kinds is very popular in outdoor settings and also coastal-style homes. One of the most popular kinds of wicker furniture that you can use to decorate your bed and bedroom is Wicker Headboards. The headboards come in various shapes and styles. You can get a round-shaped headboard, then you can get a rainbow shape headboard, and you can get headboards in a circular shape, rectangular shape, or square shape depending on your bed and its size. You can also make a pre-order of the headboards when you have purchased a new bed or made a new bed. Wicker also refers to various kinds of grasses, vines, and plants which are used for weaving furniture. One of the plants that are used to make wicker furniture is rattan.

Outdoor and Indoor Uses of Wicker – 

Due to this reason, many people even refer the wicker furniture as rattan furniture. One of the most important points that you should remember is that the use of wicker is not limited to outdoor use only, it can also be used indoors as well as outdoors. In manufacturing, there are some differences in the materials in which it is used and it also depends on the area of placement. When using wicker furniture, people should remember that there is a difference between its indoor use and outdoor use. There are several outdoor furniture in which the manufacturing companies mostly use vinyl (synthetic ones) and resins for the outdoor furniture. Besides that, the demand is also such that the furniture needs to withstand all climatic conditions like sun, moisture, and dryness.

Weaving Process – 

Whereas indoor furniture is concerned, organic and natural materials like seagrass and others like rattan are used for indoor furniture. Indoor furniture is placed in a more protected environment. Let’s look at the weaving process. When it comes to the weaving procedure synthetic and organic materials are put in. So, in the end, both types of materials get a similar wicker look which is very attractive. One of the things that you should know is that you will get various kinds of weaves and styles. You can find the wicker furniture that comes in all styles i.e., modern and traditional too.

Colors & Materials – 

Wicker comes in different types of colors, more of in the natural color and white finishing. You can get the wicker furniture in various kinds of hues too. Various materials are used in wicker. Let’s look at them. For indoor use of furniture, you get furniture made from willow, reed, rattan, and bamboo, being some of the most common types.