Why Spiders Keep Invading My Home?

No one wants to see spiders in their home. In general, they prefer to stay outdoors but many find ways indoors via small openings. Once they enter the house there is a lot of food, so they don’t have any reason to leave.

Spider inside the home even indicates another pest issue because their diet even consists of other insects. It is said that spiders help to control pests you are unaware of but their web-spinning across the rooms does not make you feel happy. Many people fear spiders because there are species that bite and some are poisonous. Their bites can cause severe illness or death.

Call professional pest control Scottsdale AZ to exterminate spider issues. In Arizona, there are some species common for infestation.

  • Common house spider – The house spider is not venomous but if they bite can cause allergies to some.
  • Brown recluse spider – The recluse spider prefers to stay away from humans and if encountered is very dangerous. Their bite is painful and if ignored can cause death.
  • Wolf spider – Wolf Spiders are skilled hunters and their bite is painful but not venomous.
  • Black widow spider – It is an intimidating and venomous spider. The males are harmless but female bite can cause severe sickness or death with one bite.

How to tell your house has a spider infestation?

When there is repeated spider bite occurrences or you encounter significant webbing then it is an infestation. Seeing a spider occasionally is normal. If you wake up frequently with new spider bites then the infestation is vast and you are encroaching accidentally on the spider’s space. Many spider species that infest Arizona homes are not aggressive but it is sensible to call for an inspection.

How to prevent spiders from entering the house?

One of the best ways is to prevent them from getting in the house. Spiders generally feed on tiny insects, so an appropriate residential pest control plan eliminates the food source.

Ensure that all the entry points are properly blocked to lessen spider activity within the house. They prefer living outdoor but accidentally find a way indoors. Seal gaps that allow them entry inside. Check weather-stripping around the doors and windows is in good shape. The window screens must not have any holes.

You need to always store food in tightly sealed containers. It keeps spiders’ prey away from a food source.

The countertop and floor must be kept clean. Ensure that no crumbs are lying around for other pests. This will keep predators like the spiders away from hunting the pests.

Keep kitchen trash containers closed as well as it is disposed of properly and on time.

Check the boxes bought in the house. It prevents cockroaches that invading homes as fugitives. Spiders prefer dark spaces, so keep the home litter-free and clean.

Strong scents are spider repellant. Peppermint oil is the best remedy to eliminate spiders. Other essential oils to use are cinnamon, rose, lavender, and tea tree.

Spiders hate citrus scent so rub citrus peel across the window sills, skirting board, and bookshelves. You can have a citrus tree planted near the entrance because this helps to lessen the frequency of spiders entering the house.

A regular pest control plan helps to keep spiders away from the house!

Clare Louise