What is a Floodlight?

Since the days of fumbling in the dark outdoors or relying on a single light bulb to barely illuminate the door while we were occupied with activities in the backyard, we have come a very long way. Floodlights serve as a prime example of the progress outdoor lighting has made. How do floodlights function? Find out more by reading on.

Why Are They Called Floodlights?

A floodlight is a type of artificial light with a wide beam. Most often, floodlights are found in areas requiring ample artificial lighting, such as large parking lots, venues hosting concerts and theaters, as well as outdoor playing fields.

Even professional sports demand that stadiums have floodlights, even if the game is played during daylight hours. Floodlights not only enhance visibility for players but also benefit television broadcasts. Some sports grounds use temporary portable floodlights, even if permanent ones are installed.

Although the term “floodlights,” used in the correct context, should only refer to extremely powerful beams of lighting, many people use the term to describe the potent outdoor fixtures they install in their backyards.

Floodlights: How They Work

As the product’s versatility has increased in recent years, you can use it to illuminate your front or back yard. Floodlights differ from other lights because they have a wider light angle. They also need to be resistant to weather elements like rain and frost. Floodlights, therefore, must be more durable than indoor lights.


Most people use outdoor floodlights to illuminate their homes at night and for security. You can choose models with advanced features such as cameras or motion sensors to record movement.

These lights are equipped with a sensor that detects movement within a specified radius. The lights automatically illuminate when movement is detected to provide a better view of the outside world. Once the sensor is activated, floodlights with cameras will begin recording, allowing you to have video footage as well.

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Dale Sayre