Tiles in bathrooms and Kitchen – Things You Should Know

The kitchen and bathrooms of a house are there for the hosts and not for the guests. This is because the host is the one who will use it the maximum number of times. This is exactly why both bathroom and kitchen should be the places where the most amount of effort should be directed in the design of your house.

Not only the appearance but also the functionality of the materials used in these rooms should be of paramount importance. The use of floor and wall tiles is essential in the finishing of the design process. Even though it is a crucial part of the aesthetic design of the kitchen and bathroom, most people seem to overlook its importance.

Fortunately, there are companies like Ceramique au Sommet céramique cuisine which are specialized in this area and can help you choose the perfect tiles. Choosing the best tiles is not enough, but its proper and timely installation is also important in the successful completion of your dream house.

There are three types of tiles used in kitchens:

  • Floor tiles
  • Wall tiles
  • Backsplash tiles

Care should be taken while designing the patterns and colors of your kitchen tiles. This is because only if the tiles match with the rest of the elements in the kitchen will the whole design look appealing.

The pattern and color of the floor and kitchen tiles should be in perfect sync with that of countertops and kitchen cabinets. Otherwise, it will look odd and might even result in rework and loss of time and money.

To avoid that, always take advice and support from the interior design team of your trusted tile supplying company.

Similarly, bathrooms are another area that homeowners neglect while designing their dream house. A bathroom should preferably have grip tiles for safety reasons. But it should not be at the cost of aesthetics. There are now beautiful grip tiles available in the market that do not compromise on looks but are safe as well.

A standard and good quality bathroom tile will have good water resistance, will be anti-slippery, have good interlocking and adhesion, material strength, and will be non-porous. It is important to make sure that your bathroom tiles have the above-mentioned properties before choosing them. Also, you have to be meticulous in selecting the pattern of the tiles to ensure that it matches with the other components in the bathroom.

To conclude, it is best to employ a professional tile supplying company to adorn your dream house with the perfect tiles.

Jack Herold