The Growing Trend Of Animal Skin Carpets

If you want to change the entire look of your home then you must consider installing animal skin carpets. These decorative elements add a unique touch to your home and express the personality of a person. These carpets are available in different skin breeds and each offers unique features. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the top three types of decorative animal skin carpets;

  1. Cowhide Carpets & Rugs

The trend of cowhide carpets is popularly growing these days. These are available in a variety of colors from metallic gold to electric blues and the very popular black and white zebra print. If you are a person who wants to bring an inviting touch of nature to your home, cowhide carpet is the way to go for. Further, these animal skin carpets are extremely durable and long-lasting. As these carpets persist in your place, they will never cause any type of allergic reaction.

  1. Sheepskin Hide Carpets & Rugs

Nothing can beat the softness, feel, and beauty of a sheepskin hide carpet and rug. Sheepskin is the only animal skin that can make an environment healthy as it is composed of hollow fibres. It helps combat dirt and bacteria. In addition to being healthy, these carpets have the same aesthetic features as reindeer hide and cowhide. People usually prefer these carpets in their kids’ rooms. Why? This is because sheepskin is real wool on one side and leather on the other side. Sheepskin never sheds as the wool is attached to the leather’s skin. This is why people trust these carpets for their kids’ area.

  1. Reindeer Hide Carpets & Rugs

On the flipside, reindeer hides also bring an indefinable and unmistakable allure of nature to your space. These animal skin carpets are quickly becoming winter and autumn decorative delight. The only downside to having these carpets is their sensitivity to heat. But it doesn’t mean you cannot decorate your home with these carpets. You can relax with reindeer hide carpets further away from heat. As these carpets are extremely soft, the majority of people do not prefer installing them in high traffic areas.

Maintenance Of Animal Skin Carpets

There is no doubt about the durability of animal skin carpets but it doesn’t mean they do not require cleaning and maintenance. To maintain these carpets, you may need to do vacuuming on a regular basis. While doing this, make sure to vacuum in the fur direction. Alternatively, you can also clean with a soft brush that is specifically designed to be used on animal skin. If something spilt accidentally on your animal skin carpet, make sure to wipe it up with a damp cloth immediately. Lastly, keep these carpets away from heat otherwise it will warp the fur.

Hence, when it comes to animal skin carpets, there are a plethora of choices in patterns and colors options to choose from. You can purchase these carpets in a single colour, speckled, dyed, tri-colored, or salt-and-pepper. The natural colors of these decorative elements are all neutrals and this is the reason for the growing trend of animal skin carpets.

Clare Louise