Space-Saving Bathroom Vanity Ideas One Should Keep in Mind

When working with a small bathroom, the space and planning issues you confront when creating a bathroom become challenging. The vanity, an essential bathroom piece, may offer significant storage while allowing for a lot of individuality.

When space is restricted in your bathroom, the appropriate vanity may let you live larger within your limited square footage. Smart bathroom vanity designs may squeeze a lot of elegance and storage into a little area. These small bathroom vanities make a big impression without taking over the space.

Take a look at the following small-bathroom vanity ideas.

What is a Bathroom Vanity?

A bathroom vanity is more than just a cabinet for storing the sink. It’s where you clean your hands and face, shave, style your hair, put on cosmetics, and brush your teeth. It is the space where you keep all your daily routine instruments, other bathroom supplies, and cleaning basics.

Vanities are the most visible fixture in some bathrooms. In others, it’s hidden away in a corner. You may place it straight on the floor or hang it on a wall.

In its most basic form, the vanity encloses the sink plumbing and may or may not include doors and drawers. Have an old dresser or a set of utility shelves lying around? With the correct adaptations, you can use these possibilities as bathroom vanities. Here are some pointers for selecting the ideal bathroom vanity height.

Top Space-Saving Bathroom Vanity Ideas To Consider

Check out these contemporary vanity ideas to brighten up your bathroom if you’re seeking some space-saving bathroom vanity inspiration.

Sleek and Curvy Bathroom Vanity Designs

A stunning vanity, a small sink, a backlit mirror and the curving contemporary cabinet beneath are a lovely and elegant combination. The cabinet’s dark tone contrasts with the white of the bathroom walls. Owing to the small space required by this bathroom vanity design, it may also serve as one of the finest vanity ideas for small bathrooms!

Add Space Savers

Build in a Child-Sized Step Stool

If you have children, a simple step stool into the vanity is a terrific way to conserve room. You can turn it into a pull-out step stool and store it when not in use, saving much of your floor space.

Consider a Floating Vanity

A floating vanity is wall-mounted with open space between the lowest section of the cabinet and the floor. The floating vanity saves space since the wall serves as the frame for the vanity and allows for additional shelves on either side. The extra bonus is that the visual effect makes the room appear larger.

Try Changing The Sink’s Placement

Place the washbasin on one side of the counter rather than in the middle to preserve counter space. By making the most of the available space, you may place larger equipment, such as a hair dryer or curling iron, on a smaller vanity. It also enables two people to use the mirror at the same time.

Freestanding Small Vanity Design

A freestanding vanity might look more delicate and diminutive than a built-in vanity, making it an excellent choice for a small bathroom. Choose a cabinet with lower shelf storage to create a more open appearance. Baskets may be used to corral loose objects on the shelf neatly.

Vanity Storage for Small Bathrooms

In a compact bathroom, optimising storage with diverse options can efficiently accommodate all your essentials. Seek a vanity unit that combines drawers and cabinet doors to cater to different storage requirements. Utilise organisers on the countertop for frequently used toiletries and additional small-bathroom storage and install an open shelving unit to display beauty products alongside art and accessories.

Small Vanity Drawer Storage

In a confined bathroom space, effectively organising storage with a variety of options can ensure the efficient arrangement of all your essentials. Look for a vanity unit that integrates both drawers and cabinet doors to meet diverse storage needs. Employ organisers on the countertop to keep frequently used toiletries in order, and for extra storage in a small bathroom, consider installing an open shelving unit to showcase beauty products along with art and accessories.

Custom Small Vanity Ideas

Opting for a tailored vanity proves to be an excellent decision for a compact bathroom, as it can be crafted to precisely fit the measurements of an awkward nook. Utilising every inch of the alcove enables a broader countertop, providing ample space for essentials. A cabinet featuring numerous concealed drawers and shelves contributes to maintaining a tidy room, and a generously sized mirror positioned above adds a visually expansive touch.

Floating Vanity

Beyond strategic space planning, incorporating specific design elements can create the perception of a more spacious bathroom. Elevating both the toilet and the vanity, such as through floating installations, enhances the sense of spaciousness by introducing more visual openness underneath. It not only contributes to a larger space but also facilitates easier cleaning of the floor.


The most straightforward approach to constructing a bathroom vanity is buying a ready-to-assemble (RTA) model and assembling it following the instructions. While starting from scratch may pose a more intricate process, having a well-thought-out plan significantly simplifies the task. If you’re in need of inspiration, numerous plans and building instructions can be readily found online. Rest assured, you can take into consideration these bathroom vanity ideas that can maximise the space even if you have a small bathroom.

Jack Herold