So fresh, so clean: how to clean your aluminium doors & windows

Just like any other part of the home you can expect your stunning aluminium doors and windows to pick up dirt and debris. Luckily for us, these frames are super low maintenance, making them a breeze to clean and in no time, too.

This being said, if you want to keep your frames clean and maintenance-free, you might want to undertake the occasional clean! If you have been thinking about how to keep the most elegant aluminium windows and aluminium doors Brisbane has available clean and stunning, be sure to follow this simple guide:

  • Cleaning your frames

There is no set method for how to clean frames, as it can vary depending on their particular finish. More modern, painted frames require less cleaning than older, unpainted frames, whilst frames with a powder coated finish are long lasting and won’t easily corrode, and they also don’t require regular cleaning (something which will save you the effort down the track!).

If you have a frame with a powder coated finish, you only have to clean every few months to maintain its stunning aesthetic and functional integrity.

It can be cleaned like this:

  1. Commence cleaning from the frame’s top until you reach the frame’s bottom. This will stop any debris from spilling downwards into the frame’s areas that you have already cleaned!;

  2. You only need soapy, warm water to wash the frames. You don’t have to use harsh cleaning agents that could potentially damage the frame’s stylish finish.

  3. Place a microfibre cloth into the soapy water and begin cleaning;

  4. Work more thoroughly on hard-stuck marks or stains;

  5. Be sure to get to work on any sneaky, hard to reach spots, as these can easily build up dirt and debris that could threaten the frame’s function.

  6. Once you are content with the amount of dirt and debris removed, use a soft dry cloth to dry the frame and voila! It looks as stunning as the day it was installed.

When cleaning older frames, the process requires a little more care and frequency. Frames without powder coated finishes and older materials means they are more susceptible to the elements, and are especially susceptible to wear and tear (meaning they need a little more TLC!). You might even come across parts of the frame that require immediate repair or maintenance, so be sure to inspect your frames for any damage.

If your frames are not powder coated

  • Once again, you can use soapy, warm water to clean any surface dirt off older frames, but you may require a stronger, specialised product to clean areas with tougher marks or stains.

  • For any new cleaning products you purchase, ensure that they are suitable for the frame’s material. You may want to test them on a smaller area before using them for the whole frame, as this can potentially corrode the material.

  • Once you have finished cleaning, you can simply use a clean, soft cloth to buff the aluminium dry.

  • For frames that have experienced watermarking over the years, you use a fine steel wool and water to provide them with a glistening, vibrant new finish.

Cleaning the most stunning aluminium doors Brisbane has available doesn’t have to be difficult, especially as you need so few ingredients to make it happen.

All you need is a little time, a couple of clean cloths and some water, and you will be able to provide your frames with a gorgeous new finish that makes them look as if they were installed an hour ago!

Jack Herold