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Each construction project starts with site improvements. A general contractor prepares the site for construction before building a building. Site work services include cleaning dirt from construction sites. This will include stabilizing ground soil to prevent shifting and cave-ins. To ensure that every job of site preparation is done correctly, it requires organized infrastructure services. Our services ensure that a construction project is moving in the right direction. Take a look at our services.

Site work: The various steps

Site Excavation: This involves the removal of soil, stones and other foreign material. Heavy equipment is required to excavate the site. This requires skilled staff. The excavation of a site removes unwanted items from the surface and prepares it to be constructed.

Soil stabilization. A construction site may contain loose soil. To prevent soil from shifting, this must be made solid. The foundation could collapse if this happens. An experienced site contractor will be able to determine the right combination of stabilizing agents. Intelligent site work services are essential for building construction. It is important to understand how to analyze the soil. It is important to check the moisture content. It is important to consider the environment when deciding what materials to use to stabilize the soil.

Land Clearing: This involves removing trees, shrubs and bushes from construction sites. To make the job easier, a good construction project will be free from these items.

Construction of heavy haul roads: This is a building project that requires heavy machinery, equipment, and building material. Construction workers require faster access to the construction site. Heavy haul roads were built to carry heavy loads and traffic from constant workflow.

Site protection.Shoring protects your worksite from the corrosion that can be caused by rain and other natural elements. Site improvements include shoring. Shoring requires careful analysis of all aspects of the project. A competent crew is essential to spot any potential problems.

Drainage systems It is an essential step in site construction. This will remove storm water and sewage from your site. The site contractor will then install a drainage system.

Paving and Roads:Paving sidewalks and roads is part of our site work services. Roads will be paved with high-quality paving agents and sinkholes repaired. The American Concrete Institute (ACI) standards will be followed by the general contractor when building curbs, roads and sidewalks.

Utilities : These include lighting and water distribution systems. They also prepare the area for construction of a parking lot. It may also include the provision of water and sanitation systems.

How civil infrastructure can be used to support a construction project

Infrastructure services are a great way to speed up construction projects and make site improvements. It can resolve any problems or issues during construction and make it a success. Infrastructure services comprises two parts.

Project Management: This involves organizing and planning to support the construction project. It manages four stages: planning, design approval, construction, and maintenance. It provides a solid infrastructure of support services that ensures smooth work. 

It includes:

Permission to build

Choice of site

Site Study

Environmental surveys

Studies of feasibility

Evaluation of utilities

Pedestrian pavement design

Cost estimates

Site work infrastructure services arrange transport, manpower, and utilities for building work.

Infrastructure engineering: infrastructure engineering is like site work services. It plans the construction of installations below the ground. It contains:

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Sewage plants and drainage

Plans for building a site

Construction designs

Design of pedestrian pavements

Phases of planning for construction

Sanitation systems


Utilities design

Site work contractors are responsible for making sure that the surrounding area is not affected by construction. This is called mitigation plans, which ensure that services run smoothly without causing inconvenience to the public.

Why it is important to select a site contractor that offers full-service capabilities.

You must first tear down the structure before you can build it. Demolition experts are best suited to do excavation work for construction projects. Greenbar Excavation is a great general contractor who can do both site work and infrastructure engineering. To make the ground ready for foundation building, we break it up and smash it. Greenbar Excavation has all the technical knowledge required to meet the highest standards of performance for a construction manager.

What planning steps are required for site work and infrastructure engineering design?

Project planning is essential before a building project can begin. Greenbar Excavation provides a variety of services for site work in Oregon IL. From demolition and excavation, to groundwork, utility laying, and foundation, we can help. This is how a good construction project should look.

Communication between authorities

Plan and outline for project

Evaluation of job

Arranging manpower

Arranging equipment

Demolition and excavation

Cleaning up and disposal of all debris


Final evaluation of the project

Building construction is not complete without site improvements. A foundation is essential for a building to be able to support itself. It needs to be supported by good infrastructure engineering. Otherwise, it could fall. High quality site work is essential to make a building stand tall. It creates a foundation that will support it. This is possible only with the help of a skilled contractor in site work.

Greenbar Excavation offers affordable site improvements in Oregon. We offer many benefits during the construction project. We arrange all the necessary equipment and services to ensure a successful construction project. We provide infrastructure and site work services to several facilities.

Sport stadiums

Recreational facilities

Buildings and houses

Department stores

Education facilities

Recreational and golf course facilities

Industrial projects

Municipal projects

Resorts and amusement parks

Improvements to the existing structure

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