How often should I steam clean my carpets?

This is a query that we are often posed and the answer is that the every house has a different cleaning requirement.Even that doesn’t sound very useful, it actually is sensible. Every family has cleaning requirements that are poles apart because of the different lifestyles, and there’s no one size-fits-all approach here.Inadequate carpet maintenance can actually degrade the quality of your indoor air. In fact, housekeeping allergy expertshave found that houses that have not cleaned their carpets regularly are likelier to have an indoor air quality score that is at least 10 times worse than outdoor air quality. With all of the pollution and allergens that is present outside these days, unclean carpets really pose a significant health hazard for one and all. Keeping carpets clean is challenging and also imperative for those who are allergic as the dirt and dust can aggravate their symptoms. The only way to control their allergies and breakouts is by preventing the accumulation of these contaminants and is essential to contain irritation.

Australian standards and carpet manufacturers recommend that you get your professional carpet cleaning Melbourne done once every 12 months. When your carpets are cleaned regularly, it lengthens the carpet life. The cleaning durations also change according to different parameters. Few of them are as mentioned ahead:


If you have children, your carpet will naturally get soiled and muddled due to their running around here and there throughout the house. The carpet therefore is likely to have filth, dust and substance spills alsoover and over again in places you do not expect. The carpets would also attract more foot traffic if your kids get their friends over for playtime.

When carpet usage is this rough, it will naturally need carpet steam cleaning Melbourne  more often. It would be normal for your carpets to be cleaned even once in every 9 months. You need to notice and observe which areas are such that see high traffic areas and also look for staining and pasty marks. These are the indicators that you need carpet cleaningMelbourne services for carpet maintenance.


If you have pets who like spending time indoors lounging on the carpets, then your carpets would need to be cleanedevery 6 – 9 months. Also pets bring in mud and dirt from outside which then gets transferred onto the carpets. That will soil your carpet faster too. If your pet is getting old and also having incontinence, you will need the services of a professional carpet steam cleaning Perth  company to provide a professional clean-up once in every 6 months. If there are no pet urine troubles, then your carpets would be well for a period of 9 months.

Slowly, though, pet hair, dirt, dust animal dander and the mud and slush they haveplayed in does find its way into the carpet and the deeper parts of it. Not always you would see dirty spots on the carpet. Sometimes you may noticeweird and offensive smells that are definitely pet odour or, also you may experience itching after sitting on the carpet.  A regular professional carpet steam clean for your Melbourne home will eliminate all the accumulated dirt that has become suppressed into the carpet.

Singles or couples

If you live alone or with your spouse without children or pets, your carpets would not need cleaning quite as frequently. On an average though you should arrange professional carpet cleaning for your Melbourne home once in every 2 years. There will be exclusions, of course, especially if your house sees greater foot traffic due to parties or visitors or social dos that are arrangedat your place. Spills due to dropping food and drink are difficult on carpets so you might need to look for a professional carpet cleaning to retainthe carpet cleanliness and its quality.

End of lease cleans

In some instances, the decision of whether or not to have carpet cleaning Melbourne done professionally is not in your hands.  If you are moving out of your rented property, you have to release the property in a cleaned condition if you want your money back. Conversely, if you are looking to rent out your own property, then also it is favourable to get all carpeting cleaned for your own good. A clean interior would fetch you good rentals and also create a good reputation for you in the market.

How often do you require to have your carpets and rugs steam cleaned is dependent on theliving conditions, your space, whether or not there are kids and pets in your house and also when was the last time you had your carpets cleaned.

Clare Louise