How Can I Fix a Hole in My Carpet?

An easily seen large hole in a carpet is sufficient enough to ruin your day. Carpet holes usually occur because of heavy traffic, accidental cuts or when furniture is moved hastily. It is essential to repair a hole that is even distant to the sight, which may stretch out to become large. If carefully done, it is possible to repair and remodel the carpet back to almost new condition without involving professional Carpet Repair Sydney service or buying a new one.

  1. Mark a boundary around the hole on the carpet shaped as a square or rectangle, depending on the shape of the hole; use a scale to form accurate lines. Make sure to not draw the lines nearer than 1/2 inch from the edges of the hole. Rather than following the actual irregular contours of the defect, it is always better to draw squares or rectangles.
  2. The next step for carpet repair Sydney is that you need to demarcate a replacement piece of carpet that measures the same as the hole in carpet. It is best to use carpet scraps, while you may use a replacement piece from some other part too. You may consider visiting a carpet store to ask for a matching piece to replace if it’s not possible to cut out a patch from the existing carpet. Using a perfectly sharp knife, take out the replacement piece of carpet to fit the exact measurements of the outline around the hole.
  3. Use a knife and a ruler to cut out the square or rectangle you drew around the defect in the carpet. Take care not to cut through the carpet pad placed below the carpet. Slide a piece of particleboard or plywood under the defect before cutting into the rug, while working with it. Seems tiring? Then you can simply call professionals to enjoy their carpet restretching Sydney. They will repair it for you.
  4. Place the replacement piece of carpet into the hole cut previously into the carpet and make sure the same fits perfectly. In case the fit is not perfect, you may try again by taking out another piece.
  5. Place the replacement carpet so that it lines along with the entire carpet. Indicating the direction it needs to point to line up its nap with the rest of the carpet, mark an arrow below the replacement piece of carpet. Simultaneously, mark an arrow in the same direction on the carpet pad. Mark the arrow on the replacement piece of carpet only while you are working with an area rug. Lastly, take out the replacement piece of carpet and keep it separately. You are almost done with carpet stretching.
  6. Form four individual lengths fitting along the lengths of sides of the square or rectangle you cut into the carpet. Cover the sticky side by leaving the backing in place. Place the tape such that half of the strip’s width is under the carpet, and the other half is outside the carpet. Note that the sticky side should face up and the backing is left in place. Mark a line onto the carpet pad or plywood along the tape’s edge, holding each segment of tape in place.
  7. Take out all four pieces of tape from the defect in the carpet. Take off the backing covering the sticky side of the tape one by one. Ensuring that the edge lines up with the mark created on the carpet pad or wood, put back the sticky tape into the hole. Keep repeating the process with the remaining pieces of tape.
  8. Position the replacement piece of carpet in the defect made by you in the carpet. Make sure the arrow drawn behind the replacement piece is in the same alignment as the arrow which you made on the carpet pad or plywood. Line up one side of the replacement piece of carpet with one side of the hole in the carpet. Put that side of the replacement carpet upon the sticky tape. Carefully continue pressing it in place so the replacement piece fits exactly in the hole cut by you in the carpet and you are almost done with carpet repair Melbourne.
  9. Mesh the end of the repaired area with the end of the carpet, upon the repaired area using a carpet tractor.
  10. Put a heavyweight like several heavy books on the patched area of the carpet and let it stay like that for a night.

Carpeting is perhaps the first thing you or your guests notice when entering a room. A burn mark or a red wine stain on the carpet stands out dramatically. Such a blotch can be embarrassing when you have company. Fortunately, you can patch a burn mark in the centre of the carpet so that it will no longer be noticeable. The repair will restore the room to its original appearance. You can do it by yourself or you can simply call carpet stretching services which will fix your carpet professionally.

Clare Louise