Furniture tips for hotels and inns: what should you know?

When choosing a hotel, most guests are looking for comfortable rooms, tasty meals and cozy spaces. For this, the decoration of the environments and the chosen furniture are essential to transmit hospitality and well-being. Before you start choosing Wholesale hotel furniture, it is important to understand your target audience and experience you want to provide. Every detail will be planned to create a unique and sophisticated environment. The choice of furniture is as important as the decision on the color palette and other elements of the environment.

Luxury hotel furniture

Luxury hotels usually attract guests who are used to comfort and refinement. It is why they seek a complete experience in the environments. These establishments are located in large cities and combine with a classic decor, with large windows, natural lighting, wooden floors and authentic furniture that guarantee the comfort and style of the environment. It will conquer even the most demanding guests and it adapts both to collective spaces, such as the hotel lobby, as well as to rooms and private spaces.

Rustic style hotel furniture

A very common concept in the decoration of commercial establishments is regionalization. For this reason, hotels on the coast or on farms tend to have a rustic style, marked by the use of dark wood and neutral colors, such as dark green, brown, teal, gray and tones that refer to nature. The upholstered finish conveys comfort and elegance that maintains a sober atmosphere with a touch of originality. Therefore, it combines perfectly with hotels, restaurants and environments with a high flow of people.

Industrial style furniture

The industrial style is related to Scandinavian decor and has been very successful in recent years. With a modern and minimalist touch, it is recognized for its straight lines, shades of gray, black, white and accessories that refer to nature, such as flower boxes and decorative vases. In general, this style of hotel decoration is aimed at a young audience, which seeks unique experiences and values ​​the design of the environments. In the rooms, you can opt for the modern and cozy look, fundamental characteristics of the industrial style and which can be present in every detail of your decoration.

Classic and timeless style furniture

If your audience is broader and caters from families to people traveling alone for work, one way to create an original and cozy environment for everyone is to invest in a more classic and timeless style. Neutral colors, naturally lit spaces, comfortable and elegant furniture help to complement the environment, as well as natural fiber cushions and fabrics.

The classic style chair is the ideal option to transmit comfort, elegance and resistance, as it adapts to the most diverse spaces.


To complement the decor, you can invest in more classic pieces, such as tables, chairs and armchairs with upholstered finishes and in sober colors, which convey the hospitality of your space. In the ‘Kitchen from China’ furniture catalog, you can find out about all the furniture lines for hotels and restaurants and find the ideal option for your project. Download the material and contact us to receive personalized service.