Four Reasons You Should Get Quartz Countertops when Renovating Your Kitchen

Investing in a kitchen upgrade is a good idea. But you want to make sure you will make the most out of it and recoup your investment. Adding Kitchen Wholesalers quartz countertops is one of the best ways to achieve this. Quartz is a recommended countertop material for many reasons such as the following:

It is Durable

Quartz is known for its durability. It resists heat, water, chips, scratches, and stains. Also, quartz is both solid and sophisticated, making it an ideal kitchen material. Kitchen countertops made of quartz can withstands lots of use before they sustain damage. With such durability, your quartz countertops will last for a lot of years. Thus, you can enjoy them without worrying about repairing cracks, chips, and scratches. 

It is Non-Porous

The way quartz countertops are engineered allows for the creation of a non-porous surface. Thus, there are no cracks or holes where liquids could penetrate, making them resistant to stains. Also, as a nonporous surface, quartz countertops are more sanitary than others. Bacteria and germs will not become lodged in them. In addition, the smooth, nonporous surface makes it easier to clean the countertops.

Moreover, natural stone countertops must be sealed regularly. But quartz countertops do not need wax coating or sealants. Thus, they require less maintenance than other countertops. 

It is Available in Different Styles and Designs

As a man-made material, quartz can be engineered to come in different aesthetics and colours. Natural stone comes only in naturally-occurring colours. Given your options for styles and colours when you choose quartz countertops, you can easily match the décor in your home. 

When it comes to quartz countertops, you can pick from different patterns, finishes, and edge designs to achieve your desired look. Aside from the standard speckled patterns, you can also opt for organic patterns that showcase visual textures and mottled colours. Also, you can get patterns that mimic marble and granite with veining, beautiful whites and blacks, as well as vibrant colours such as blue or red. Thus, whatever your style preference is, there is always a perfect quartz countertop colour available for you out there. 

It Doesn’t Have Significant Environmental Impacts

Quartz is an eco-friendly countertop material. Making quartz countertops uses natural materials, which means fewer natural sources are used than other kinds of countertops. And because quartz is durable, getting quartz countertops is one to have a more sustainable lifestyle in your home.  

Clare Louise