Floor Tiles for Home and Mosaics for Bathrooms: The Best Options!

Whether it’s choosing floor tiles for the kitchen and living room or mosaic for bathroom walls, the variety that ceramic tiles offer is both a curse and a boon. It’s a boon because variety opens the gates to happiness since you certainly can find something you would really love. It’s a curse because so much variety can be really confusing.

If you’ve taken the call that you do want to bring home the beauty of ceramic tiles but you don’t know anything about kitchen floor tiles and mosaic tiles for bathrooms walls, fret no more! We have the answers and we’ve listed them below. Have a look!

How to Choose Mosaic For Bathroom Walls?

There’s nothing more captivating than the patterns at showrooms such as Ceramique au Sommet céramique cuisine when it comes to mosaic tiles. The different ways to make sure you pick the right mosaic for your bathroom are as follows:

  1. If the bathroom is small, go for the mosaic tiles that have fewer grout lines. Also, a larger size looks better.
  2. Mosaic tiles can also be used for the bathtub.
  3. It’s better to choose one wall for the mosaic pattern instead of using mosaic tiles on every wall.

How to Choose Floor Tiles for The House?

The colors and textures of ceramic tiles at Ceramique au Sommet will leave you dumbfounded.

Here’s how you should be able to choose the right ones:

  • Ceramic tiles can be glazed, unglazed, and matte. Each type has its own brilliance.
  • Glazed tiles can add a sparkle of radiance and will look absolutely brilliant in the living room and kitchen.
  • The unglazed options will be safer for the bathroom floor since they offer more slip resistance.
  • The matte ones can be used everywhere.
  • Choose wood imitation ceramic tiles if you like a wooden rustic charm.
  • If it’s the contemporary warmth that attracts you the most, you can choose stone imitation ceramic tiles too.

Another thing to note while planning to install ceramic tiles as floor tiles are the foot traffic. The areas that see the most foot traffic should have the strongest options installed so that they won’t break easily. Also, brighter and darker colors that won’t get easily dirty would also be the more practical choice for high-traffic hallways at homes.

All in all, ceramic tiles that are installed smartly can amplify the aesthetic value and the sales value of your house multi-folds.

Joshua Leblanc