Dimmer Switches: The Perfect Lighting Choice for Winter Nights

As the winter months roll out in front of us, promising nothing but cold and late afternoon darkness, the lighting in our homes becomes increasingly important in setting the ambience and the backdrop for the holidays and the new year. There is nothing better than cuddling up in bed, or on the sofa with a movie on, as the snow falls outside and wind and rain batter the windows. However, this cozy atmosphere requires the right lighting and this is exactly where dimmer switches come in. Dimmable lighting is the ideal choice for scenarios such as these as it can be turned right up when you are cooking or working but can equally be turned down in the evening when you are relaxing or entertaining. Furthermore, dimmable lights are absolutely wonderful in the bedroom as they can be adjusted if you are reading for example or simply so your senses are not blindsided with a wall of light when you finally come to put your feet up after a long day. As with most lighting these days, the sheer variety of choices and budgetary options can be overwhelming for many. However, with dimmable switches and bulbs in particular it is really important to choose a quality bit of craftsmanship as these switches will be used far more often than your conventional light switches. Buster + Punch do a really stylish range of high-quality dimmer switches including options in black, brass, smoked bronze, steel and white. It is crucial to have a knob that is pleasing to the touch and this is the part of your dimmer switch you will interact with multiple times a day. This is the main benefit of the Buster + Punch designs are their knob’s diamond cut patterns that ensure this is the case. When combined with a stylish backplate and with the nights getting longer and longer this is a great time to consider upgrading the lighting in your home.

Clare Louise