Design Tips for a custom pools Houston

Private swimming pools with unique features are becoming increasingly frequent. A bespoke pool, or one built to the specific specifications of the homeowner, can transform the backyard into a work of art. The following pool design ideas may be helpful to homeowners who are considering creating custom swimming pools.

Specifics on the shape and size of the pool

With bespoke custom pools Houston, the size and shape are completely up to you. In addition to the regular square, circle, octagon, figure 8, and unusual forms are available for your selection (mermaid, dolphin, Mickey Mouse). Depending on the size of your backyard, you can decide on the optimal pool size. One of the benefits of getting a bespoke pool is that it can be constructed in any backyard, regardless of how challenging the terrain may be. Several variations are possible in terms of pool size and shape while working with gunite. These swimming pools have a metal framework into which the concrete is poured. The versatility of fibreglass pools allows for a variety of design options, making them a viable option for outdoor makeovers.

Inner Fittings and Trim

Your custom pool’s interior finish is a crucial design element to think about because of how it affects the pool’s visual appeal. Attractive glass tiles and coloured concrete not only make the pool more visually appealing but also allow the inside to blend seamlessly with the exterior landscaping. Glass tiles can be made in an almost infinite variety of colours and designs. Wall murals representing aquatic life, the rainbow’s hues, or aesthetically pleasing geometric patterns are all great options for sprucing up the pool’s interior. To achieve a mosaic look, concrete can be coloured or patterned in many different ways. Stamping concrete allows for the use of a broad variety of textures and styles, giving you many options to choose from.


Color can be used to bring the pool and its surroundings to life. To unify the look of your home’s inside and outside, you can choose outdoor tile that matches the hue of your carpets or hardwoods inside. The pool’s water can be a vibrant blue or a more muted shade of the colour. Custom pool designers often employ colour theory to boost the overall attractiveness of a pool. If you want people to take notice of your pool, red travertine tiles are a good choice for your design. Black granite edging can be used to provide darker tones, and custom lighting can turn the pool water any of the seven colours of the rainbow.

Internal Water Bodies

Adding a water feature to your private pool is an easy DIY project, and there are many designs from which to pick. Adding a rock waterfall is a frequent feature in tropical-themed pools. Waterfalls are so stunning because water cascades over the edge of a cliff or other vertical surface. A sconce is a decorative wall fixture that has streams of water dripping down from it. A foam jet, often called a fountain bubbler, is used to force water upward and out of a swimming pool. Water may be shot down into the pool from the deck, thanks to the deck’s built-in deck jet.

Use the right colours, patterns, and embellishments to give life to your own pool design. Luxurious and one-of-a-kind custom swimming pools are the perfect embodiment of this principle.

Clare Louise