Bidet Toilet Types: Which One’s Right for You?

Bidet toilets provide a more hygienic and eco-friendlier alternative to traditional toilet paper. With different bidet types available, from add-on bidets to integrated smart toilets, choosing the right bidet option can be overwhelming. In the section below, we’ll discuss the various bidet toilet types, their key features, and considerations to help you select the best model for your bathroom needs and budget.

Bidet Toilet Types

There are three main types of bidet toilets:

1. Add-On Bidets

Add-on bidets are easily available toilet bidet attachments that can be installed on your existing toilet. They come in two main styles:

Bidet Toilet Seats: These seats replace your regular toilet seat and have built-in bidet washing functions. They utilize your existing toilet’s water supply.

Bidet Attachments: These attach under your toilet seat and tap into the fresh water supply line of your toilet tank.Add-on bidets provide basic cleansing features like posterior wash, feminine wash, and adjustable water pressure.

2. Integrated Bidet Toilets

Integrated bidet toilets have the bidet functions built directly into the toilet bowl design. The bidet wand retracts out of sight when not in use. These toilets replace your entire existing toilet.

Integrated bidets offer advanced wash functions powered by electric pumps and unlimited warm water. Look for options like oscillating and pulsating washes, adjustable wand position, warm air dryer, heated seat, automatic open/close lid, night light, odor control, and more. Expect to pay a good amount for these premium models.

3. Smart Bidet Toilets

Smart bidet toilets take the luxury integrated bidet experience to the next level. They include the latest technological conveniences like:

  • Automatic flush, seat open/close, and self-cleaning wands
  • Motion activated night lights and lids
  • Touchscreen remotes and personalized user presets
  • Built-in deodorizers and air purifiers
  • Connectivity to smartphones and voice assistants

Prices for high-tech smart bidets are also quite high. Top brand Kohler offer advanced models with superb performance and contemporary style.

4. Key Features to Consider

  • Water Heating: Go for a model with unlimited warm water, especially for feminine washes. Look for adjustable temperature control.
  • Water Pressure: Optimal pressure provides effective cleaning without discomfort. Check for adjustable pressure settings.
  • Wash Functions: Posterior, feminine, soft rear, wide front washes, massage, pulsating – more options provide a custom wash.
  • Nozzles: Self-cleaning, anti-bacterial nozzles are ideal. Prefer ones with multiple nozzle positions.
  • Drying: Models with warm air dryers and adjustable temperature provide a complete wash experience.
  • Controls: Convenient controls like wireless remotes, touchscreens, user presets allow customization.
  • Extra Features: Heated seat, automatic open/close lid, night light, odor control, etc., enhance the experience.
  • Design: Choose a model that complements your bathroom decor – understated or contemporary.

5. Bidet Toilet Buyer’s Guide

Follow this buyer’s guide to select the ideal bidet toilet for your home:

  • Assess Your Needs: Determine your specific requirements, such as cleansing features, warm water, and drying options. Consider any special needs, as this initial assessment will help you narrow down your bidet toilet options.
  • Choose Type: Decide between add-on, integrated, or smart bidet toilets. Your choice should align with your budget, bathroom design, and the key features you desire.
  • Check Technical Compatibility: Ensure your bathroom can accommodate the bidet you choose. Confirm the required water pressure, electricity supply, and available space, especially when considering add-on units.
  • Schedule Professional Installation: It’s recommended to have a professional install integrated and smart bidet toilets. This ensures proper setup, minimizing the risk of leaks or installation problems, and ensures your bidet works flawlessly.
  • Get user instructions: To make the most of your bidet toilet, learn how to program the remote control and master optimal washing techniques. This knowledge ensures you enjoy all the features effectively.


Thorough research and careful model selection tailored to your needs are the initial steps. Ensure proper installation and invest time in understanding how to use the features effectively. 

With these in place, you’re poised to embrace a whole new level of cleanliness and comfort, elevating your bathroom experience to a remarkable standard.