5 Homemade Tips To Get Rid Of Mold At Home

The coldest season of the year is coming. And with it, closed doors and windows represent an accumulation of moisture inside the rooms, facilitating the appearance of mold. To fight fungus, we have separated five homemade tips for you to apply at home or you can request the help of professionals like mold removal in Florida for instance. Check out!

Vinegar + Bicarbonate

Personal organizer Caroline Martini has a simple tip with ingredients that most people have at home: vinegar and baking soda. The acetic acid found in vinegar is great for cleaning furniture and other moldy objects.

Mix 240 ml of white vinegar and 1 tablespoon of baking soda in a deep container to prepare the solution, as the mixture bubbles a lot. Then, put the liquid in a spray bottle to apply to moldy objects and let it act for approximately 10 minutes, drying with a clean cloth. The process must be repeated once a month, according to the personal organizer.

Moisture Bags

As damp places are a source of mold growth, an alternative to leaving drawers and cabinets dry is to create small bags with homemade ingredients, such as pieces of chalk wrapped in tulle, as Caroline Martini says, or plastic pots with charcoal or lime, which are absorbent. If you prefer something ready-made, there are bags with silica in supermarkets, some even flavored to combine the useful with the pleasant.


Bleach is another wild ingredient to fight mold. According to the operations consultant at Dona Resolve, Paula Roberta da Silva, a recipe for environments with mold is to clean them with a solution of 100 ml of bleach for each liter of water. Allow the solution to act on the floor or surfaces for 30 minutes and then remove with a clean cloth or sponge, but make sure that the location is resistant to the action of bleach.


After cleaning the objects and place that had mold, it is time to prevent the problem from recurring – or that next time, it is minimized. Cabinets and the environment must be ventilated: in the case of furniture, keep the doors open for at least 15 minutes every day.

Windows should be open whenever possible, and rarely used clothes and rarely used clothes should be washed every three months, then packed in TNT or cotton bags. Dehumidifiers, air conditioning, and fans can also help with the task. Invest in paints that repel mold in very humid environments.


In addition to helping to remove rust and grease from dishes, lemon can be used on clothes (including colored ones) to remove mold. Apply natural lemon juice to stains, rub gently, and then wash normally.