Remedies to control ants in your home

Ants are very common pests. These social animals live in colonies and multiply rapidly. These tiny pests can easily enter your house through the window and door gaps and cracks in the walls in search of food. Keeping your kitchen and dining area clean is important so that the smallest crumb of food doesn’t attract these creatures. A professional pest control service will need to look after a severe ant infestation to keep your home safe. However, you can implement some home and non-toxic remedies to control ants from entering the house. Contact Centralia ant control now.

Remedies to control ants:-

Distilled white vinegar: A mix of white vinegar and water solution is a great way to eliminate ants. The smell of vinegar repels ants, and sometimes it kills them too. Mix one part of vinegar and water in a spray bottle and spray it directly on the ants. You can use it as an ant deterrent by spraying it around window sills, doors, cracks of walls, etc. It will stop the ants from entering the house.

Citrus fruits: Ants do not like the smell of citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, and lime. The juices from these fruits act as a natural ant repellant. Mix one lemon juice with three portions of water and spray the solution at all entry points to the house. It is a great natural deterrent that stops ants from entering homes.

Cinnamon: The trans cinnamaldehyde compound found in cinnamon kills ants and repels them. When these pests inhale cinnamon, it suffocates them, and they die. Therefore, it is a great option to stop an ant infestation. You can use ground cinnamon or oil and sprinkle it on the ants’ path and also at the entryway points of the house. 

Food-grade diatomaceous earth (DE): DE is a powder made from the fossils of marine organisms called diatoms or phytoplanktons. It is a type of silica and is used as an ant-repellant. Sprinkling this powder on the ants will kill them by absorbing the oil in their skeletons. 


If you experience recurring ant infestation and are exhausted from using natural remedies, it is time to call the pest control company. An ant exterminator is a trained and licensed professional who will conduct an extensive survey to end ant infestation and use the effective extermination method to eradicate these pests. Such long-term remedies will get you peace of mind. 

Jack Herold