Why choose a flat over a house?

Living in a flat can be advantageous when compared to living in a home. This may seem surprising, but is true. A home allows you to stay in an independent property, whereas flats are a part of an apartment or a building complex.

But there are many advantages to staying in a flat. When you look at all these benefits, you will understand why you should choose a flat. If you are considering Luton flats for sale, then go through the benefits of flats given below. It will help you make a decision.

Reasons to choose a flat over a house

1) It is cost-effective

Generally, a flat is less expensive compared to a house. When you buy a house, the home and the land belongs to you. This makes the house costly. An apartment is a shared residence where each homeowner has a flat to stay in. There are common areas shared by all residents. This reduces the overall expenses, making flats more cost-effective.

2) Has good facilities and amenities

A reason many people prefer flats is the great facilities and amenities that it offers. A flat would have bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, dining space, and other facilities in the house. All fixtures would be installed, and you can expect good quality fixtures. Some flats are furnished, and you can straight away move in.

Flats have common amenities, which make it very advantageous. You can expect amenities like:

  • Common area that can have a clubhouse.
  • Garden – courtyard as well as terrace.
  • Swimming pool.
  • Walking area.
  • Games and sports areas.
  • Parking area.
  • Convenience stores, pharmacies, etc.

3) Offers communal living

When you stay in a house, you stay all by yourself. Your nearest neighbour may be far away. If the neighbour is not friendly, you will end up without friends. This is a problem for children who would love to make friends. This limitation in houses is done away when you live in a flat. A flat offers communal living where you live in a building along with many other families.

You can make new friends and even network with professionals and business persons. Your children can make friends and have a good time using the common amenities. Flats generally organise activities where you get to meet other residents and have an enjoyable time.

4) Maintenance is not your problem

Maintaining a house is not easy. Electrical and plumbing can require maintenance. If something fails, you need to find someone to repair and rectify the problem. In flats, maintenance is handled by the flat association or the owners. Maintenance personnel are available who ensure everything is in good working condition. They also rectify any problem that occurs immediately. Maintenance is a trouble-free experience in flats.

5) It is secure

Life in flats is more secure than individual homes. Since you stay alone in a home, your family can be exposed to risks. In a flat, there are many homes close together. This reduces the risk of theft, vandalism, and other such incidents. The physical security by personnel and use of security systems is a major benefit.

Dale Sayre