Welcome to Home Made Lovely!

home made lovely

A weekly series featuring inspiring homes from around the blogging community.  I’ve asked each blogger the same question- “What does creating a lovely home mean to you?” Here’s what Ruth shared…

Hi there! I’m Ruth from over at GraceLaced, my online home where I share about grace in the everyday, through life with my 5 boys, a pastor/headmaster husband, and the little corner of the world I’ve been given care of. I’d love for you to visit me there…but today, I’m pleased to show you around my real home. There are few things that give me as much joy as showing hospitality, so it is my pleasure you to welcome you today…please make yourself at home!

home made lovely

A home is living. It is not merely a space to hang your hat or lay your head, or store your stuff. It’s a dwelling…a place where those you love desire to “dwell,” or linger and tarry. I have five boys between the ages of 9 months to 9 years. While many assume that I might opt for furniture slipcovered in camo, or that I might choose to store all decorative objects out of reach until all babies are grown…we’ve always known that our home is not simply utilitarian, but a context for experiencing beauty, contentment, creativity, and extending hospitality.

home made lovely

Last year, we turned our formal dining room into a library and music room. We truly believe that our kids will follow us in what we find valuable and admirable. We wanted to prioritize books and music in our home, and a library was a perfect way for us to do so. I am an artist…so you will find lots and lots of my personal artwork adorning our walls.

The family table is perhaps my favorite spot in the whole house. It’s actual a terribly cramped space, but I love it because of what it represents and what memories are made there. Our huge dining table is the epicenter of meaningful conversations, adventurous culinary discoveries, and years of breaking bread with friends and family.

I recently found this leather couch on craigslist after our old one went into retirement. The linen settee is from World Market. I couldn’t resist its multi-colored buttons and tufting…isn’t she cute? I found the coffee table on craigslist for $25, then purchased glass for the inset top, and used lovely Anna Maria Horner fabric under the glass for a pop of color. Again…more of my artwork: etching based on a childhood photo; acrylic painting of dogwoods.