Tiffini’s Home Made Lovely

Tiffini’s Home Made Lovely

knock knock..panic rises to my throat and i run to see who it is..if i am going to answer the door..or hide.today when people come we hide .. don’t answer the door the house is a mess! when june cleaver was the norm unannounced guests were treated differently. they were welcomed with freshly baked muffins and coffee. not so much anymore. these days you will find me answering the door in no makeup paint clothes and a messy bun..excuse me while i take the paint brush

Tiffini’s Home Made Lovely

WELCOME to our little home…come on IN

i’m Tiffini from The House of Belonging and am seriously humbled that heather asked us to share our home. heather – you have been an instrument in the hands of God i kid you not. it was the kick in the pants we needed to start putting the house together. we have been collecting stuff for months. so thank you friend.

keepin it real girls – if you came on any given day right now my house would be a HOT mess! we have been re-creating re-doing re-modeling…just RE-ing since we moved in one year and four months ago. you can read more about how it all started here and let’s just throw one more iron in the fire and run a home business of which takes the majority of my day with little time for cleaning house or making dinner. And i fall into bed with what i wore that day..

so when at 45 i am creating my first home..at least on the inside. i have never owned a home yet. one day i hope too but for now..this is good practice..and my new mantra is

PRACTICE doesn’t make PERFECT – PRACTICE makes change

..this came to me the other day driving.

i don’t know if i am restoring this home or it is restoring me. i am finding more and more of myself here and as i do feeling more and more of a belonging.

so here are some peeks at the rooms we are currently working in

we are blessed to have my mom use Grace’s room to style new curtains for her shop. i implored her help on some fabric i’ve had for 6 months. i told her what i envisioned and she sewed this sweet pair of curtains and added yellow pom’s for texture and color.