The Ultimate Guide to Granite Countertop Maintenance

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Granite countertops provide gorgeous surfaces that must be carefully maintained to keep their beauty. Below are listed the top 10 techniques to maintain your granite countertops.

1. Routine Cleaning

Granite may be cleaned with dish soap or a pH-balanced detergent, and regular cleaning with hot water and a soft sponge prevents dirt buildup. Sealant and granite can be weakened by strong chemicals.

2. Immediate Spill Cleanup

Long-sat liquids may discolor granite, which is porous. All spills, especially acidic ones like wine or citrus juice, should be cleaned immediately. Use a soft cloth to gather as much spilled liquid as possible and gently blot it to prevent spreading.

3. Cleaning Tools Soft

Avoid scratching the surface with strong cleaners. Using abrasive scouring pads and powerful cleaners prevents granite dulling.

4. Avoid High-Impact Objects

Granite can handle much, but not everything. Avoid dropping large or sharp objects on your surface to avoid breaking or chipping. Use a cutting board to protect your knives and granite when chopping.

5. Hot Surface Trivets and Pots

Thermal shock can harm granite, such as dropping a hot object on a cold surface.

6. Sealing periodically

Although granite countertops are sealed after installation, the coating may fade with time. Seal granite annually or as the manufacturer suggests to prevent stains and extend its life.

7. Acid Awareness

Vinegar and other citrus-based cleaners can remove granite sealant. Keep them off countertops. Only pH-balanced granite cleaners should be used.

8. Ongoing Evaluation

Granite countertops should be checked for chips, cracks, and wear. Early diagnosis can stop and repair problems. If you observe more than typical wear and tear, see a professional.

Remove Sebum Makeup

Remove grease and frying oil stains using an absorbent. To avoid spreading oil, don’t wipe. Make a poultice with equal parts baking soda and water and leave it on overnight to erase stubborn discoloration.

10. Repaired

If granite countertops exhibit wear and tear, consider professional restoration. Certified stone restoration technicians can clean, seal, and repair your countertops to make them endure longer.

11. Harmonious Colours

Match your kitchen’s decor to the granite countertop’s colors. Contrasting colors highlight granite’s patterns. Consider matching small appliances, kitchen towels, and draperies to the granite’s main colors.

12. Illumination Art

Granite countertops glisten with proper lighting. Install under-cabinet lights to highlight the surface and create a warm atmosphere. Hang a pendant light or chandelier above the island to enhance your kitchen’s looks and utility.

13. Appreciating Nature and Greenery

Plants and other natural features make a kitchen more attractive. Keep succulents, herbs, or small houseplants near granite counters. Contrasting natural elements with solid granite may add excitement to your kitchen.

14. Open-Shelf Displays

Install open shelves to display your stylish kitchenware or home decor. In this manner, your granite countertop may be the kitchen’s centerpiece while adding personality. To create a beautiful and functional display, arrange items on the shelves.

15. Poor Backsplash 

Your granite surface will look better with a unique backsplash. A well-designed backsplash—painted, mosaic, or subway tile—can enhance the granite’s inherent colors and patterns.

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Follow these top 15 care tips to keep your granite countertops looking great for years and make your kitchen stand out. Remember that a little TLC may retain the traditional elegance of your granite surfaces.

Joshua Leblanc