Spider control guide: Don’t miss these pointers

Spiders can help control other bugs and insects that damage plants in your yard. While you may not worry much about seeing these spinners outside, finding the same insects in the house can be a bummer. Unlike many other pests, the most common species of spiders are usually not a threat to humans. However, if you have pets or kids at home, it is better to be cautious than sorry. Not to forget, these arachnids can spin cobwebs, which impact the aesthetic appeal of your home. If you want to know how professional spider control is done, you can click here to learn more. In this post, we are sharing pointers that may help stop the spider menace. 

  1. Keep up with cleaning and vacuuming. You may see increased spider activity during the fall, which is when most insects look for new homes as the temperatures drop. When it comes to effective spider control, cleaning the house thoroughly is a good start. Use a vacuum cleaner and ensure that you reach every crevice and corner where spiders are more likely to lay eggs and spin webs. 
  2. Use essential oils. Apart from Vinegar, which is great for keeping spiders away from surfaces, you can also use essential oils in a diffuser. This is one of the safer DIY techniques that you can consider without added concerns. Peppermint oil and tea-tree oil are good options, while you can also use lavender oil. 
  3. Fix the openings. Spiders usually enter homes through holes, air vents, and openings. Fix what you can and ensure that you have used an essential oil or a vinegar spray on areas where you cannot close the gap. 
  4. Get rid of existing spider webs. You don’t want to invite spiders inside the house, and therefore, if you can find spider webs around the patio, backyard, or open spaces attached to the main building, make sure to clean up. 
  5. Spend on landscaping. You should consider landscaping the garden before autumn and fall. If the trees are too close to the doors and windows, that will allow spiders and other pests to access your home. The idea is to remove anything that may double up as a bridge. 

Call a reliable pest control company today to know what you can do to keep spiders away, especially if yours is a large property with many trees and bushes. Get an estimate for the job in advance. 

Dale Sayre