Solar panels require maintenance.

Solar panels require little maintenance to work properly, so you can leave them alone. They only need a light cleaning every so often to ensure that dirt, leaves, and other debris don’t block the sun’s rays.

You may need to perform more maintenance during heavy snowfall. Inches of snow can affect the performance of solar panels.

How can you monitor your solar panels’ health?

You can use an app to monitor the energy output of your panels. If your energy output is lower, it could mean that something like debris has blocked the panels, and they are not able to produce their usual amount of electricity.

Integrating a system for monitoring solar panels into your setup allows you to track the amount of energy that your panels produce each day and over time. You can see how external factors impact your panels and their performance. You will be notified if any panel malfunctions or breaks so you can replace or repair it.

Now, let’s look at some ways to ensure that your solar panels will last as long and as efficiently as possible.

How to maintain solar panels:

You’re in luck if your panels are tilted. Rainfall will remove any debris that has accumulated. During the dry season, or when there are long periods of no rain, you should clean your panels manually.

You should clean your solar panels between two and four times per year. It may seem like a lot of work, but it’s not hard. You only need a leaf blower or a quick spray from a garden hose to get your solar panels clean.

You may have to clean your panels in winter after a heavy storm. Use lukewarm water to remove the snow. Use a squeegee that has a long handle.

Note: You should not use hot water to remove snow from the panels. Panels are made from tempered glass, and extreme temperature differences between hot and cold water can cause them to crack.

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