A Comprehensive Snapshot of Living in The Biggest Little City

A Comprehensive Snapshot of Living in The Biggest Little City

The Biggest Little City is one of the best places to live. Families looking for a first home or an upgrade will find quiet, peaceful, and secure neighborhoods. In 2023, the median home price in the city stands at $650k – the price has gone up year over year. A home in Reno costs a little more than the national average, but families moving to Reno will enjoy so many conveniences and amenities.  

The city offers all the amenities you need as a homeowner. While living here, you can access casinos, resorts, restaurants and bars, and the National Bowling Stadium. There is a brewery row, further making the bike and walking-friendly city more enjoyable to live in. Truckee River flows through downtown Reno, while Lake Tahoe is only 30 minutes away.

Why Move to Reno, NV?

Reno real estate offers condos, classic homes, townhouses, estates, gated communities, and many more types of homes. Here, you will have many choices with homes offered at a wide range of prices. Several other benefits make Reno a great city to buy a home in.

Tax Benefits – While living in Reno, you will not pay personal state income tax, inheritance tax, and property taxes are low. Nevada is a tax-friendly state, which means that your money stays where you are.

The Beauty of Lake Tahoe – Lake Tahoe is beautiful and the largest alpine lake in the country. The beauty of the lake attracts several visitors, and it is only 30 minutes from Reno. Better still, the Truckee River flows from Lake Tahoe through downtown Reno. The river is a great place for kayakers, sunbathers, and fishermen.

Why Move to Reno, NV?

Upscale Ski Resorts – Reno has you covered if you need a neighborhood with recreational resorts. There are more than 20 ski resorts near Reno, including some world-class resorts such as Mt. Rose. When you need to unwind on a weekend, Reno offers endless options.

Foodie Town – Do you love exploring foods from different parts of the world? Welcome to Reno, a self-proclaimed foodie city with many restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, and a vibrant bar scene. Explore the many dining options and have fun around the city.

Recreation – Whether you want to enjoy time near the lake or nights in the desert, Reno is a place for outdoor lovers. While living in Reno, you are close to lakes, mountains, rivers, and deserts. If you love adventure, you will love the city.

Events – Reno is home to parks and museums. Throughout the year, there are several events to keep your family entertained. Events such as the Reno River Festival, Hot August Nights, Great Balloon Race, Burning Man, Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival, and the Reno Rodeo make weekends amazing in Reno.

Buy a Home Today

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