Sara’s Home Made Lovely

Sara’s Home Made Lovely

Hi! My name is Sara and welcome to my home, Thank you sooo much, Heather, for inviting me to share my house tour today with you.

I think my goal in life is to try and make everything around me more lovely. For me, making things lovely usually means adding color. It means fluffing the nest of my home with colorful blankets, mixing and matching pattern and texture everywhere, and covering every inch of each room with something happy! I completely blame this ‘obsession’ on my parents. They decorated our home (when I was a kid) with beautiful wallpapers, rich paint colors, antiques, colorful quilts, cozy lamps, and eclectic art work.

Making my home lovely, to me, also means filling it with God and His Word. Scripture verses on the walls, Bibles and inspirational books at my fingertips, and evidence of my belief around for all to see and enjoy. God’s Words are so alive and inspiring and life changing. I want my kids to be encouraged by it everyday.

Come on into the kitchen…here is my little pantry -it used to be a pantry til I took the doors off and made it what it is…a place to keep my favorite stuff on display.

Sara’s Home Made Lovely

I have a lot of chalkboard paint in my kitchen. I started with a little wall, and gradually kept addingI love the versatility…I can change things up whenever I want. The patchwork wall is scrapbook paper taped to the wall and covered with clear contact paper.

I recently painted my kitchen cabinets, and what a difference that made (painted over a light wood). I also left off the doors to those few upper cabinets and love that. It somehow makes the room feel larger.

We get a lot of our stuff at thrift stores and yard sales. I like to take my money and get a lot of stuff for cheap than to go to a “real” store and get one item. I do love the concept of saving up and getting a really great quality item that will last- but I am waaaay too impatient for that and it is a win-win when I can find a good quality item for cheapIn this photo the yellow chair, dresser, globe, and mirror were thrifted or flea market finds. I definitely love to shop and this can really only happen if I search around for bargains- otherwise, dropping all my money on one full price item would not be as fun!

(and now for a realistic photo of the kitchen). Here’s why I like color- cause when you have dirty dishes laying around, even they are pretty!

Sara’s Home Made Lovely

Heading upstairs you will come to our book wall. This was a fun project and I feel like whatever books I put up there, my kids will take down and read!

This is our guest room, but doubles as Dave’s office.

The other side of the room is all desk and chair and computer/printer/file cabinets, etc!

Our schoolroom is one of my favorite places to be. When the kids were littler we had our homeschool at the kitchen table. That way I could take care of the current baby/toddler situation. But now that everyone is in school, we can all be up here and it is such a nice way to make school a little more “official.” We have room to spread out and make a mess.

This is the happy corner where storytime happens as well as history and Bible and show + tell, geography, poetry, and science.

The book corner…and you can see some of their work stations.

We took the doors off their closet (I seriously take any doors off of anything I can), and it has helped a lot. They would always leave the doors to their closet open and it was a huge mess, so this way, we have a system to keeping it neat and I can come in and tell at a glance whether they have hung their clothes up and put things away.

The boys’ room is NEVER this clean. I took this picture a few years ago right after I finished painting in there and now it is wall to wall football posters and legos (do not walk in there barefoot)

Our girl’s room is constantly changing- this is the picture I had for her room (taken about a month ago)…

but already we have moved the dresser over here:

She likes it over here for the time being Master bathroom…guess all I wanted you to see was the mirror I do like the mirror, I have to admit. When we moved in 6 years ago, I painted that border on there and it has held up really well. I wasn’t sure how it would do with all the water, hairspray, etc. But it makes me happy, still.

Master bedroom – this room seems to always get neglected…We have been meaning to buy a bed frame, but just keep putting it off, so I painted a headboard on the wall. The furniture is all spray painted (I’m surprised at how well that is holding up.

I have to be real honest about our bedroom and say it doesn’t quite look like this anymore. It seems like I am always grabbing things from in here and moving them other places. That cream mirror is now in the living room…the green chair upstairs…the globe has been in every room (it likes to travel…)

That little section of chalkboard paint on the fireplace is nice. Whenever we have people over, the kids like to write a welcome message. Also, I am very happy with the solution we finally came up with for a fireplace screen. I really wanted something to cover the “fire spot” when not in use (which is about 95% of the time). so I got a foam board and decoupaged scrapbook paper on there. This board fits perfectly in front; covering the soot filled hole.

This little wall by the front door is very versatile. Sometimes I use it to display the kids’ artwork. Here I have taped on scrapbook paper.(yes I do loooove scrapbook paper!)

Kids’ bathroom.

The inspiration for this room comes from the shower curtain given to me by a friend who shares the thrift store love. I found the towels at a thrift store and most of the art. We are making baby step progress with our landscaping! This is the first year for our window box- I am beyond thrilled that the flowers lasted all summer- they have brought us so much happiness. Two years ago I planted one pot of flowers and my mom planted a pot for me- that was the encouragement I needed and this year we added a few more.

I really wanted some type of artwork here on our porch- and these pallets that I found near a trash bin were perfect. A little spray paint and they were ready to go…of course, one was too heavy and fell off the wall (typical Sara project, I hung it on a too-small nail already in the wall…) But they are hardy and perfect for outdoor decor)

Thanks so much for coming to visit me and my house. Our home is a blessing from God. I thank Him everyday for a place to nurture my family and for a safe haven. God bless you as you fluff your nest and make your home lovely for your family!