Lindsay’s Home Made Lovely

Welcome to Home Made Lovely, a special home tour series.
Hi friends! My name is Lindsay and I’m the author of the blog Hello Hue. I was a bit nervous and also so excited when Heather emailed me about sharing our place in the Home Made Lovely series. Just this past summer, we bought and moved into our 1925 home in a neighborhood outside of Boston. Many of the rooms are still in shambles from the move, but we’re slowly making it ours.
If you know me even just a little bit, I hope you know my love for color and light. That carries into my artwork, as well as my blog, Instagram photos and most especially in our home. Whether on Instagram, Pinterest, or blogs, it is so easy to get caught up in what our homes are NOT and I’m definitely guilty of it, but I do my best to enjoy our home for what it is– a warm and bright space where I get to chase my one-year old, Silas, around, whip up meals in the kitchen with Chris, and create art to share with you.
I’m excited to share our favorite rooms with you today!

Here we go…

The living room:: 

The first thing you might notice as you walk into our home and step into the living room is the blue ceiling. Bright teal to be exact. We love it and are really thankful for the artistic eye of the previous owners. We adore all the windows and natural light in the house, and the afternoon sunshine that pools up on our rug creates the perfect spot to nap. It was a tough process choosing a rug and Chris got a little impatient after I looked at about 10,000. I’m glad I didn’t settle, because this one from SchoolHouse Electric arrived just this week and I’m in love already.

After a long search for the “perfect” coffee table, I decided that we’d need to make it ourselves. We made it in one weekend using this tutorial — easy peasy and exactly what we had envisioned! Plus, having a piece of furniture that we made ourselves is even more special.
One of the things that really transforms a house into a home for me is the artwork. On our walls you’ll find a mixture of meaningful pieces in with things that are simply pretty to look at. Two of my favorites on this wall are the portrait of our family created by My Little Buffalo, and the lyrical painting I made of a song that means a lot to me and Chris. I’m always so happy when I have art from other artists on our walls– I love the chance to support them. The large botanical print, which is just a cheapie from IKEA is another one of my recent favorites! 

 The dining room::

Hopefully one day in the near future, we’ll replace our tiny IKEA dining room table with a large one that can handle a crowd, but for now, this one will do. It’s gone through three military moves with us and the dings and scratches on it hold many memories of dinner parties and art projects. Currently, it is surrounded by our home group on a weekly basis as we share a meal together, and is often crowded with pizza toppings and flour when we make gourmet pizzas with friends. 

our bedroom::


It might be a little bit apparent at this point that we’re big fans of IKEA. When we were first married, we bought all (I mean, all) of our furniture there. I really love a lot of it, but I began to tire of our boring black bed frame. As soon as were a little bit settled into this house, I set to work painting the frame a bright yellow. You can read about that process here. It was a lot of labor, but the end result is totally worth it. I can’t walk into our bedroom without smiling at the bright color.
I’m still figuring out my favorite way to organize my jewelry and other accessories. For now, all of my favorites are kept either on the tray by my bedside or displayed on the wall with my mint blue wall shelf from Urban Outfitters. On the IKEA (again, I know!) organizer below it hang some of my favorite necklaces, including a pearl strand that Chris gave to me the night before our wedding.


my Studio::

The last room on our tour is also my very favorite. As you walk up the stairs (which are actually painted mint green!) to the third floor, and turn to the left, you’ll see my beloved studio space. This is where I create the artwork that I sell at Hello Hue Studio

My Lara Casey and Michelle Armas prints above are created by two artists that inspire me in so many ways.


I am beyond blessed to have this space to create. Absolutely flooded with natural light, the wooden beams, high ceilings and white walls create the structure for my dream studio.

This space is what first caught our eye when house hunting. We never imagined that the house would actually be ours and we’re overwhelmed by God’s blessings. What’s more is that one of the former owners was an artist and not only filled the home with quirky personal touches that we love ( like blue ceilings and mint green floors), but she used this space as her own studio.

Often times, Silas is up in the studio with me while I work. Which means that it is actually NEVER this clean. If you can imagine cheerios all over the floor, stuffed animals strewn everywhere and a toddler who loves getting into my packaging supplies, that will give you a more accurate picture.

There are tons of little nooks and crannies in the top floor space, so I used the one next to my desk to create a little ‘book nook’ for Silas. He crawls in there with his books, pretends to paint with my paintbrushes, or munches on stale cheerios left behind from his last visit.

Thank you for joining me today in this little home tour! I hope you’ll come stop by my blog and say hello!

Thanks so much for having me, Heather!