Laura’s Home Made Lovely


Hello!  My name is Laura from Consider Lilies and I live with my family of five in the often-rainy, very-wonderful city of Portland, OR.  We became city-dwellers for the first time just over a year ago and bought this foreclosed home that needed some love and attention….not to mention time and investment.


So why spend time on and invest in creating a home?  At the end of day, I know my house is a place “where moth and rust destroy” and that creating the perfect space is not my ultimate goal in life.  At times, I even feel ambiguously guilty for devoting any energy to our home when there are so many other good things vying for my attention.


That said, how often do we remember God as Creator, and yet forget the privilege it is to reflect that part of His image?  God has been helping me to see that the urge to create is a reflection of His very own nature, and (held in tension with so many other truths concerning wealth, selfishness/generosity, contentment, idols) creating a home still has value.  More than just a landing pad for our out-of-the-home activities, this place is really the center of family life.  It is where the majority of our family time is spent.  Because of that, how I decorate our home is born of a desire to create a space that’s welcoming…a place where the very gospel of Christ can be heard and embraced.

It is a place of both rest & work, joy & sorrow, peace & sanctification. I think of our home as the background where relationships are meant to prosper and character is grown…a place of good soil where fruitful plants can abound.  My hope is that other people feel like this is a place where they can sit back, throw their feet on the table, and speak freely.

If you drop in at our house in the middle of the day, you will probably find dishes left out, toys strewn around, and kids chasing one another.  Chaos abounds in this season of life!  Hopefully our home is a place where all of that is welcomed, while also balanced with a sense of order and beauty.  I am finite and limited by my time, talents, budget, and priorities…..but within those limits, I am blessed to create and to care for our home!


One of the main reasons I liked this house was the size of the living room and the prospect of hosting a larger number of people.  We spend the bulk of our time in this room….cuddling, playing with toys, wrestling, lounging, crushing crackers, and staining couches:). My mom gave me the couch/chair combo when I graduated from college, and the rest of the furniture is mostly repurposed, handed down, or Craigslisted.  I have high hopes that this room, in hindsight, will be a place of laughter, growth, and fellowship for those who spend time here.

Next in from the living room is the dining area, which opens into the kitchen.  We expanded the doorway to include a bar area, which has been so so wonderful!  Our family dynamic often lends itself to multiple people in this very space, often talking all at once:).  It feels less formal than a separate dining space, but it’s been perfect for allowing conversation and interaction during all the meal prep/meal time/clean up hours. (The curtains in the dining room came after a long search….I found them on Anthropologie’s website for $24.99.  I still have no idea how this happened.  It was the best day of my decorating-life.)

We changed the kitchen the most of any room in the house!  The cabinets were mostly here (white for the win!:), but we added the countertops, sink, desk, & appliances.  It took a while to get used to the huge sink, but now I just loooooove piling that thing high with dishes and walking away… and then eventually coming back to clean them.

This is my daughters’ room!  I have two girls, ages 5 and 2, and though they don’t actually share this space yet, I am planning to have them both here in the fall.  This room has probably been my favorite (and the hardest) to create.  I mostly love this room at night, when it is lamp-lit and all the pajama-clad kids pile around to sing and pray together. (Of course it’s not always as peaceful as that makes it sound….but wonderful nonetheless.)

Next up is my three-year-old son’s room.  His room came together really easily.  There is so much stuff in here from my husband’s childhood.  The rest is from thrift stores or Craigslist, and the white furniture is from IKEA.

This is the kids’ bathroom.  It took me a long time to decorate in here because it really needs some work. Restructuring this room is not high on the list, so I just went for it.

Back downstairs is our bedroom along with the master/guest bathroom.

And that’s it!  Thanks so much for taking a peek in our home today!