Jenny’s Home Made Lovely

Welcome to Home Made Lovely, a special home tour series.
Hey there! My name is Jenny! I’m a wife to my awesome husband, John and a mama to my two sweet boys, Levi and Elliot. You may have seen my face in the past few months as I advertise my little Etsy shop, Free Spirit Jenny, on Life Made Lovely. I’m also a brand new baby blogger at Made To Live Free. I have loved following Heather’s blog for a long time, and have been a HUGE fan of her Home Made Lovely series. I am beyond excited to be a part of it today!
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I may look like your typical American girl, but I actually grew up overseas as a missionary kid. I was raised in Hong Kong and started going to boarding school in Malaysia when I was just 10 years old! Since then, I lived in Europe for a while doing missions work, and my husband and I spent four years working at a missionary school in West Africa, where our oldest son was born. I’ve lived in a ton of different places and a ton of different houses, but no matter where we were growing up, my Mom always made our house a home. She always decorated so beautifully and no matter what ugly, cold building we lived in, the inside always felt so warm and cozy and wonderful! I guess it just rubbed off on me, because it is so important to me to make our home, wherever it is, a warm, lovely, cozy, vibrant, creative place to be! Come on in and take a peek!
I’m a sucker for thrifty art and flowers! The two combined equal my entryway. Bright, happy, eclectic- this is what you get when you first walk into our home.
The living room for me, has always been the heart of the home. I put the most effort into this space. It’s where we spend time learning, laughing, talking, entertaining…just living! It’s where we spend most of our time and I wanted it to be cozy, but reflect my style…which is vintage meets modern meets eclectic…something like that!
When I shop for items and furniture to fill our home, I really don’t over think it. I just buy things that I like and that make me happy and find a place for it! I don’t worry too much about color schemes and matching. Although, there are certain colors I’m definitely drawn to: can you see all the mustard?
We thrifted these vintage lamps  for a few bucks when we first got married, and I love them!
The mantle is kind of the focal point of the room, and I’m always changing it up depending on the season or holiday or whatever. It’s so important to me to surround our home with pictures of loved ones- it just makes it personal.
I have to give a shout out to my sweet hubby for sanding and painting this dresser for me! So many people ask me about it, and I have to give him all the credit because there is no way I could have done it this nicely. He’s pretty proud of it, too =0)
I decided when we moved into this home (our first purchased home), that I wanted to surround us with truth. That’s why I love my chalkboards! I am constantly writing Bible verses and inspirational quotes that breath truth into our home and encourage us.
I collecting unusual, quirky, fun, and inexpensive items to fill my home, which is why a lot of the decor and furniture is thrifted or handmade. We got this awesome hutch for $125 at a little antique store in our town, and I think it was a steal!

We obviously spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so I wanted it to be cheerful, fun, and fresh feeling. We just re-did our backsplash and countertops, and we love how they turned out.

As in all of my decorating, I love mixing vintage and modern patterns. I thrift almost all of the material I use in my projects.

I’m always trying to find the balance of making the downstairs bathroom functional for my boys, and pretty for my guests!

My oldest son, Levi, has a room downstairs. We moved him down after our other son was born to give them each some space. It’s worked out so well, because it functions as a play room for both of them throughout the day. I love all the pops of bright colors- it’s just a happy room =0)

I get a lot of ideas from Pinterest, and this ABC wall was super fun to put together. I bought every letter on sale, so it took a few months to gather and paint them all!

I scored these vintage flash cards at the Charlotte flea market. They are one of my favorite things, for sure.

My husband recently built this book box because we were so tired of all the books sliding off and falling onto each other. Plus, they are (mostly) out of little brother.