Jaime’s Home Made Lovely

Jaime’s Home Made Lovely

Welcome to Home Made Lovely, a special home tour series.

Hi everyone!  My name is Jaime and I blog over at Caught in Grace.  I love
decorating and rearranging and making a home for my family, so I’ve really
enjoyed getting peeks inside everyone’s homes through Heather’s Home Made Lovely
series.  I look forward to it every week!  So I was absolutely thrilled and
honored when she asked me to share our home with all of you.

Jaime’s Home Made Lovely

My husband, Tim and I celebrated our 10th anniversary earlier
this year and we have three kids, Tyson (7), Peyton (5), and Hudson (3), as well
as two dogs. I’m a stay-at-home / homeschooling mom, so we spend a lot of time
in our home and I’ll be honest, it never looks as neat and tidy as it does in
these pictures that I’m about to share with you. There are always Legos and toy
cars scattered across my floors, dishes in the sink, library books stacked on
the coffee table, throw pillows tossed on the floor, and the laundry is never
done. And I’m learning to be okay with that.  Because as much as my
perfectionist nature would love for our home to always stay perfectly clean and
in order, I know that the fingerprints on the windows, the art supplies spread
across the kitchen table, and the piles of laundry that need to be washed,
folded, and put away (again!) all mean that I am extremely blessed to be living
in a home full of life and family.

To me, home is a safe, comfortable place to rest and relax with the people I love.

It’s a haven from the rest of the world. It’s a place to snuggle up on the couch with my
kids, a cozy blanket, and a stack of books. It’s a place to unwind and
re-connect with my husband in the evenings after the kids are in bed. I want our
home to feel warm, welcoming, bright, and cheerful to everyone who walks
inside.  But most of all, I want the love, peace, and presence of Jesus to be
felt in our home.

Last December, we bought a mid-century ranch in Northern
Virginia and we’ve spent the last 10 months ripping out carpet, painting,
re-modeling, updating, and basically just turning this house into a place that
we love and can call home.

My home is my creative outlet and I would say that I have sort
of an eclectic style. But finding my style has been a process and it took me
years to figure out what I really wanted our home to look and feel like. When
Tim and I first got married, I didn’t know my style and I made a lot of
decorating and furniture-buying mistakes. In fact, I ended up with a house full
of furniture, pictures, paint choices, and accessories that I didn’t like and
that weren’t a true expression of me. After convincing Tim to let me start
completely over, we slowly sold things on Craigslist and I started replacing
them with things I loved.  It took time and patience, but I learned it was
better to wait and find things that I absolutely loved, than settle for
something I wasn’t crazy about. I started getting much pickier about what I
would buy and bring into our home. I pretty much live by the quote, “Have
nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be
.” (-William Morris)

Some of my favorite stores are Anthropologie, Home Goods, and
Target, but I also like shopping in thrift stores, antique shops, and on
Craigslist.  I love finding something second-hand, bringing it home, painting it
and giving it an entirely new look. And I enjoy mixing and matching all my fun
finds together to create a unique space and a home that makes my heart

We’ll start the tour in our living room, since this is where we
spend the majority of our time as a family.

My side tables are some of the few things that we kept after I
decided to give my house a complete makeover. They were originally black and I
was just really over the dark furniture. I wanted light and bright. I had never
painted or distressed furniture up to this point, so it felt a little bit
risky.  But I decided that the risk was worth it because the absolute worse case
scenario was that I would totally botch up two side tables that I didn’t like
anyway. Thankfully, I didn’t ruin them and after seeing the dramatic and fun
transformation that a can of paint and new Anthropologie knobs could make on a
piece of furniture, I was completely hooked.  After that, it became easier and
easier to take creative risks when decorating my home. The lamps are from
Home Goods and the shades are from Target.

I found this old window at an antique store and decided to
re-purpose it as a picture frame.  The letters HOME are wrapped in strips of
fabric.  The quilt is from an antique store and our couch is from

Here’s a peek at the other side of the room, directly across
from the couch.  The chairs are from Joss and Main and I found the wooden spool
on the side of the road, painted it white, and thought it would make a fun side
table. My favorite colors are turquoise and yellow because they’re such bright,
happy colors.