I Choose Joy

I choose joy

I didn’t mean to completely disappear, but I can’t tell a lie…it felt pretty good.

It was nice to give myself permission to just be. My head feels clearer and my heart feels less heavy.  So much of that is from the prayers and words of love I’ve received through comments, emails, tweets & such.  I just really can’t express the way it feels to read so many kind words all in one place.  To say it’s heartwarming is a gross understatement. I have felt every single prayer that was said for me, too.  The last few weeks have been challenging, but also peaceful.  The kind of peace that only Jesus can bring.

I choose joy

I don’t know that I’ve ever shared this before, but after losing Samuel our grief counselor talked with us about making the choice to walk through our grief.  He said that not everyone chooses to walk that journey, but when you do you’ll be able to make it to a joyful place again.  At the time, Scott and I didn’t think we had a choice.  We knew we couldn’t turn into a hot mess because we couldn’t let Henry, ever for one second, think “Life was so much better before Samuel was born.”  We knew that wasn’t true and we needed him to know it to, so we chose to walk through our grief.  And you know what…we DID find joy again, and that’s beginning to happen for me all over again.  I hadn’t had a chance to tell that story to my friend Carly before she emailed me to say that she’d been praying for me and created a print for me to download.  I let out the most peaceful sigh when I opened the attachment to find this beautiful print.

Carly also offered to give it away as a free download to all of you, so for a short time (the link will remain active for about a week) you can download this original 8×10 Little Light Prints right here.

(the link is now inactive, but you can purchase your own copy here.)

The way God works is so amazing to me.