Home Made Lovely- Kim’s Home Tour

Welcome to Home Made Lovely!
A weekly series featuring inspiring homes from around
the blogging community.  I ask each blogger the same question-
“What does creating a lovely home mean to you?
Here’s what Kim shared-

Hi there! I’m Kim and I blog over here at Oh, Sweet Joy!
I also have a handmade shop – by the same name — I LOVE to sew and create.
You can read more about me here & I’d love for you to pop in and say, “hello” sometime.

When Heather invited me to be a part of this series I immediately felt unequipped and under-qualified. The homes featured have been nothing short of something you’d see in Southern Living or Anthology Magazine. Mine definitely doesn’t fit that bill. The more I thought about this, I realized by feeling this way I was being insecure and unappreciative of the blessing of our home. You see, my husband and I are just 25 year old young’uns. He is a Church Planter and I am a blogger and a part-time Personal Shopper…needless to say we aren’t rollin’ in the dough. We have a very modest two bedroom, one bath apartment. We don’t have a beautiful, quirky, or expansive home but we love it and are abundantly blessed.
Home to me is a place where we can have friends over for cake & ice cream. It’s a place that we can invite our community over for dinner and good conversation on a weekly basis.  It’s a place where I can sew and blog and bake the day away on my days off. It’s a place that I can rest on the sofa and watch 30 Rock with my husband and relax. It’s a refuge for me when I’m overwhelmed. It’s a place where color rules and love abounds. It may not be picture perfect all the time – in fact, there are shoes strewn about and there’s mail all over the place most of the time. There are dirty dishes by the sink and sometimes on the table from the night before. But today, I vacuumed for you. You’re welcome. 🙂
This is our kitchen. It’s tiny, but much bigger than our previous one so I kind of love it.
The granite counter tops hide coffee grinds and crumbs well.

Our dining nook also has a bar that used to be our kitchen island. We hide our liquor in there 😉 The chalkboard above is frequently updated with our favorite verses or sayings. The table was a hand-me-down and the chairs are vintage that I spray painted and recovered. They are falling apart, but I love them and can’t seem to get rid of them! The extra seating on the side of the table is a vintage stool that I thrifted and also recovered.
The dining room and living room are all in one space. Our West Elm furniture pulls all the pattern and details together for a comfy space. I painted the paintings when we were engaged and they’ve stayed with us! The bookshelf got moved in here recently and needs to be painted pronto.

Our bedroom is suuuuuper colorful, as our Anthro bedding is kind of crazy and our closets are
always open. I like it that way. It’s like an explosion of pattern and color. One day I’ll grow up
and have a beautiful master suite that is all coordinated and calming. Today’s not that day.
((this is my “what to wear” outfit planning station. i kind of love it))
Our spare bedroom is a trifecta of functionality. There is a bed for guests, a desk for Chase
and a sewing space for me. I love that Chase’s photography is on the walls in our home.
Our fireplace & mantle (mantel? I never know) shows that we bleed Texas blood. The photo is of Chase’s grandparents at the cabin that we frequent in the summers. It’s our favorite place in the world and we will reenact this photo one day.