Home Made Lovely- Joy’s home tour

Welcome to Home Made Lovely! A weekly series featuring inspiring homes from around the blogging community.  I’ve asked each blogger the same question-  “What does creating a lovely home mean to you?”

Here’s what Joy shared… hi, i’m joy! and you may know me in the blogging world as the photographer behind wildflowers photography! so, i am a photographer and a (sometimes) blogger but first and foremost, I am a child of a very loving and forgiving God, i am a wife to a very talented, humble, and kind man, donny (and very patient with all my ideas and projects!), and I am a mama to three little ones (gracie is 5, brandon is 3 and clementine is 5 months)! Life around our house is busy and overwhelming and beautiful and just one great big mess of crazy, which is pretty much how we approached the style of our home. We love fun and color and comfort and the stories behind the objects that live within our walls. We use our imaginations a good portion of the day. We are treasure hunters, farmers, gardeners, crafters, dance maniacs and donut bakers. we dream of the simple, country life and everything involved in that but, until then, are doing our own little country life here in the city. We have created a bit of a farmstead here and are finding ourselves a lot closer to our happy place. 🙂

Tiffini’s Home Made Lovely

The creating of a lovely home means to me that anyone can walk in here, especially our children, and feel safe, inspired and happy! our home serves also as our meeting place with clients (from our photography business) every so often, a studio space for the occasional photo session and as a workspace for our employees (a LOT of crafting for photo shoots goes on in our living room!). We have had to make sure that any sort of installation project or idea for our home also works well for our space as a business as well. it is fun to be able to view our walls as a way to make art that is different from the norm and that it will be embraced by our ideal clients because they relate to it. Our style is our brand and that even goes into the way we view home design; our little piece of the world here is the best expression of our passions and the way we live life!

So let’s get started!!! first we will begin just inside the front door where kevin is there to welcome you (she is a girl and my gracie’s favorite chicken). We hope you enjoy your tour into our humble home. 🙂

So, now that you are in you will turn your head to the right and you will be in THE KITCHEN! i love how light and bright it is in there and i have done my best to layer lots of textures and patterns that are fun in there! That teal/floral orla kiely wallpaper was the first thing we installed in there and still, 3 years later it still makes me happy to see when i walk in.

This is Mrs. diamond in the sink (she was named after brandon’s favorite art teacher). She is getting her feet cleaned off before she gets to play in gracie’s room…

Our cabinets were originally a plain shiny yellow color (not pretty yellow). When we first moved in we sanded them down and repainted them black, distressed them and painted chalkboard paint on the centers. We also painted the dishwasher to match as a cheap and easy fix! All of the things in here are mostly estate sale and flea market finds (the lamp, bread box, jars, etc.) and there are the occasional items from anthropology as well (of course). The curtains i cut quickly from an old quilt top. the chairs and table/island from a local consignment antique shop.

I am sooooo in love with this little vintage kitchen! Gracie waited in line with us as a special mommy/daddy/Gracie date at an estate sale for it to open and we scored this kitchen and a vintage Barbie’s dream house! it was worth the wait! as for the peg board above it, Donny made that and it is the perfect place for storage of all kinds.

Now on to the next room – the LIVING ROOM! Well, it is kind of an extension the kitchen. Basically, when you walk in the front door it is all one big open space because we took down the center wall just after we bought the house. So, the living room is just right here in the middle…

Here is the view of the living room from the kitchen table/island. Just on the other side of Gracie is our sliding glass door leading out to the backyard. And just to the right of that door is our little piano nook… we will get to that soon.

Now this is one of my new favorite things in the house… over the fireplace! This photograph was taken by mark brooke photography. It is us with our 50’s trailer! 🙂 It is printed on a 20″x40″ gallery wrapped canvas and I did a little creative painting around the edge of the canvas and also painted in the fun little quirky clouds. i liked it but when i hung it up on the wall there it just didn’t fit the space well enough so i improvised and cut a bunch of crocheted doilies in half and glued them up to the wood around the area where the canvas would hang as though to frame it! 🙂

Now this is our frame display! I LOVE this display! Donny actually nailed up all that salvage barn wood last year for this entire wall to be used as a studio space for my photography. It worked well but I began to use it less and less as I was shooting mostly everything outdoors. So now it serves as a cool background to our frames! I just wrapped scraps of various fabrics around old frames that we weren’t using and I love that each one is unique and that the fabrics all of stories to me from the events I had bought them for originally over the years. The frames are filled with a few favorite children’s illustrations as well as some of my favorite images I have taken of my children. They are printed as flat matte canvases and mounted on board.