Home Made Lovely- Joye’s Home Tour

A weekly series featuring inspiring homes from around the
blogging community.  I’ve asked each blogger the same question-
“What does creating a lovely home mean to you?”
Here’s what Joye shared…

Hello!  I’m Joye and I have a little blog called The Joyeful Journey where I share my life
and heart and take thousands of pictures of my four adorable kiddos.  I’m a mommy to a six
year old boy, three year old boy and girl twins, and a one year old.  They keep me crazy
busy and blogging is my attempt to stay sane (not sure that’s worked, but it DOES make me
happy to capture just a few of these memories we’re making).  And that is exactly what creating
a lovely home means to me:  it’s a canvas for our memories.  The background
of our family’s tapestry.  We live loud, love well, play hard, and pray even harder here.   Our
home isn’t perfect.  And I like it that way.  I want a home that is gracefully imperfect just as
I want a heart that is as well.   A home that inspires dreams and lifts heavy hearts.   I remember
asking God one day what His favorite colors were and the skies just seemed bluer against the
green of the trees and the brown of the earth.  I knew then that I wanted to bring THAT into
my house.  Not only did I want the colors of a garden in spring, but I also wanted the
pricetag: free.  A house kids could breathe in, where no THING is sacred (or expensive),
only God and His love is revered.
We prayed long and hard for this house and when God answered I admit I wasn’t too excited.
It was a half-burned down pile of rubble when we first saw it.  Joel, with the help of a good
friend of ours who has a fabulous eye for architecture, tore most of it down and rebuilt it.
We attempted to save some of it’s history by keeping the downstairs floor plan similar to
it’s original New Orleans “double shotgun” style (named so for the fact that you can open the
front door and see straight through to the back door).   Amazingly, we were able to turn about
1500 square feet into a four bedroom home.  To accommodate the new floor plan, the upstairs
rooms have sloping ceilings (which I love).
So, goodness, enough chit chat, right?  Come on in and welcome to my house.  You may not
recognize it if you’ve been here before because it’s actually CLEAN!  No tripping over toys or
digging through laundry to find a seat.  Seriously.  This is nothing short of a miracle
(thanks to you, Heather)!  I tired to take as many pics as I could while the three littlest ones
were sleeping.  Keeping a little house clean with a lot of little ones and not to mention
homeschooling those little ones requires superhuman capabilities.  So I posted some of
the messy “outtake” pictures on my blog just to make sure everyone feels normal.
Yes.  I did.

This is my favorite room:  the dining/ living/ kitchen room.  The antique table was given to us
after Hurricane Katrina and I rescued the chairs from a used furniture store.  We painted them
white and upholstered them with laminated cotton (wipes off easily for all those kiddie accidents).
I’m still looking for a few more chairs to rescue (there are six of us, after all).  I found the curtains
at Goodwill.  Most of the furniture in our house was either given to us, thrifted, or found by the side
of the road.  I’m a huge fan of thrift store finds paired with big, bright, bold prints and hApPy colors.
And spray paint.  Lots of spray paint.
The frame above was given a face lift with spray paint and so was the chandelier.  Spray paint
is magic (my kids would agree, it’s all part of making memories, right).  Oops, they woke up
and I wasn’t done taking pictures.  But this is what this room really looks like–it’s never empty.
Joel found this mid century credenza at a yard sale and I found the mirror at a thrift store.
It’s where we stash almost all of our homeschool supplies.  Very handy storage for small spaces.
This is the short hall Joel painted a vibrant red for me on Valentines Day a few years ago.
It makes me insanely happy.  It leads into our bedroom and master bath.
Back to the living room.  Thrifted paintings of landscapes and still life, along with antlers
my parents sent me from my ranch wayyyy up in Nebraska remind me of my childhood
home on the range.
{I finally got smart and made pillow slipcovers.  Kid-friendly.  Very kid-friendly.}
{my favorite thrifted wing back chair}
frame= yard sale + spray paint
It’s hard to see in the photo, but this antique sofa is really a lovely shade of green velvet.
Joel swapped it with someone for our old love seat.
{our letters, numbers, and words for the week}
Up next is Legend’s room and I didn’t have time to photograph it (read:  Boston, one of
my three year olds, dumped everything out of the closet in Legend’s room so he could be a spy),
so I added a recent updated photo and then some older ones I took right before he was born.
Is that cheating?
This is now:
{you can find the diy for the paper lantern hot air balloons here.}
That was then:
The master bedroom:
Joel made our headboard out of an old door cut in half and nailed together vertically.  I’ve been meaning to paint it…one of these days. All the lamps in our house are thrifted.  I covered this one’s shade with fabric and hot glue.
{Jewelry frame I made}
My sewing station in a corner of our bedroom…it’s NEVER this clean.
And now up the stairs:
On the wall in the upstairs hall/living room: our thankful pictures
The twin’s room, Astair’s corner:
The yellow finch curtains were one of my first crash courses on sewing curtain panels.
I made the chalkboard (chalkboard spray paint, what else), Joel painted the dresser,
and the crazy quilt was found at a thrift store.
{goodwill frames, pages of vintage children’s books, and spray paint (of course) = scraphappy art }
{everything in the picture above was thrifted and I added
scrapbook paper to the back of the shadow boxes}
Boston’s corner of the room:
His bedspread is one of my favorite finds.  It was actually a vintage children’s sleeping bag.
I removed the zipper and we use it for a blanket.