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Welcome to Home Made Lovely!

Hi! My name is Jess. I blog over at The Macs where I share the day to day happenings of my family and what God is teaching me along the way. Three years ago my days were filled with clinging to the Lord as I tried to find my way through grief after losing our sweet daughter to cancer. Today my days are mostly filled with running as fast as I can after my two crazy boys, Levi and Griffin, and falling into bed at the end of the day exhausted. My kids are truly a gift. I try to squeeze in some crafting and blogging in between when I can! 🙂

I love Heather and have been so blessed to get to know her through bloggy land. She is an inspiration both in how she chooses joy each day despite circumstances and in how she has created a lovely home for her own family. It is an honor to be a part of her Home Made Lovely series.

My home is constantly “in progress”. When Heather gave me the deadline for this post I thought it would be great motivation to get some projects completed. I love projects and usually have several going on at one time. My husband doesn’t share my love for projects but he is usually kind enough to listen to my ideas and even help me when I can. I am so thankful for him because it takes a special person to put up with my “in progress” messes. Well, the projects didn’t all get done…so instead you get to see my house “in progress”.

When I was thinking about what creating a lovely home means to me the first thing that came to my mind was getting those projects done so that my house looked put together. But as I thought about what I really want my house to reflect, I kept coming back to the word refuge. I want my home to be a refuge. I want my home to be a place where my kids feel loved and secure. A place that my husband is excited to come home to after a hard day of work. And not only do I want my home to be a refuge for my family, but also a refuge for others. I would love for the people who come through my door to feel comfortable, loved, and encouraged. I want my home to reflect the One in whom we find true refuge, Jesus. That being said, I have a long way to go. Even as I am typing this post I can think of many ways that my home is far from a refuge. There are so many ways I fall short. But I am praying that the Lord would show me these areas in my home that need to be improved on and that I would continue to work on creating a home that is a refuge. I am a work in progress…just like my home!

Okay, now on to the house tour…

My husband, Joel, is a farmer which means I am experiencing life in the country for the first time ever. I wasn’t so sure I could handle country life, but it is actually pretty great. I learned early on that people who live in the country don’t use the front door. So, come on in…and make sure to use the back door. 🙂

This is the mud room. Just for the record, it NEVER looks like this. I was actually surprised how nice it looked when I cleaned it. 🙂 With a farmer husband and two boys it is always dirty…I guess that is why it is called a mud room.

My dad made the coatrack for me. It was one of my many project ideas that I needed help to actually complete. He was nice enough to help me out. The basket holds all the loose shoes.

I love refinishing furniture. I am really good at the finding old furniture part and not so good at the actually finishing it part. 🙂 My brother is an awesome furniture painter. He finished this old record cabinet for me and I love it!

I love having things on my walls that are meaningful.

You have to have some pretty even in the mud room too, right?!

The kitchen is where we spend most of our time. I think a big part of making your home a refuge involves yummy food. Wouldn’t you agree? I mean, everyone likes to eat. Too bad I don’t like to cook that much! 🙂

My big chalkboard is one of my favorite parts of the kitchen. It is a great place for pictures, buntings, and reminders of Truth. This week Levi and I wrote out our BSF verse from Genesis. As I think about making my home a refuge for my children I want to make sure that I am helping them hide God’s Word in their hearts. I want God’s Truth to be in my home…and you can do that in so many fun ways!

We just got our kitchen island from IKEA when we were in Dallas a few months ago. I am loving it! I don’t know how I ever lived without a kitchen island.

Pumpkins from our garden and hedge apples the boys and I collected on a walk.

Gumballs, more reminders of Truth, flowers, lots of coffee, and pretty dishtowels all can be found in my kitchen.

We used to eat all of our meals in this room, but now that we have an island in the kitchen our table has been a little neglected.

We pretty much gutted the main level of our house when we moved in and this room used to be a bedroom off the kitchen. It works much better as a dining room.

You can’t decorate without globes!

I love this wall. I want my home to tell the story of my family and this wall is full of stories. I love that this is a place where I can show off all three of my kids.

These pictures hold so many memories and I love being able to tell our story when people walk through my door.

When we are not in the kitchen we are hanging out in this room. This room is very long so we made one side of it into our living room and the other side into more of a play area. It works great! I love using neutrals in my furniture and paint colors and then adding color. I like to change things around too much, so this way I can just change out a pillow instead of buy a new sofa! 🙂

This is the other side of the room. The piano was passed down from my parents…it is the one I learned to play on. The peg board is an unfinished project. My husband keeps threatening to take it out to the garage because that is where pegboard belongs, but I keep assuring him that he will love it when it is done. We will see. 😉

I took this picture after we hosted a baby shower when I was moving around furniture. The leather chair actually goes where the white chair is in this picture. And we have a little table by the bookshelf for our computer. I like it better like this though!

We only have one closet on the main level of our house, so we have had to be creative in finding ways to hide the toys.

The shelves hold lots of toys and books and even look pretty too.

We have three bedrooms upstairs. This is Levi’s room. He still is in his “nursery” even though he is a big boy (or so he tells me). I see a big boy bed in the near future. Another project!

I want the boys to have things in their rooms that tell their stories too. That was the purpose of this chicken wire frame. This picture was taken when I finished his room and now his frame is full of some of his own treasures. It already tells a piece of his story.

Griffin’s room is in progress, but here is a little peek. I just finished hanging some picture frames but need to finish filling them. Someday his room will be done too!

And that is pretty much my house. You only missed out on my laundry room, our one bathroom, and my bedroom. They are too “in-progress” to share. (In progress sounds better than a disaster, right?)

As I have taken you on this tour I have realized how much I love my home. It is not perfect by any means, but I am so thankful for the home that God has given me. I am abundantly blessed. I am praying that as God continues to do a work in my life that I would work to create a home that is a refuge for my family and the people God brings through my door.

Thanks for having me, Heather!