Home Made Lovely- Jami’s Home Tour

Welcome to Home Made Lovely!
A weekly series featuring inspiring homes from around the blogging community.
I’ve asked each blogger the same question-
“What does creating a lovely home mean to you?”
Here’s what Jami shared…
so, lets start with my bedroom.
we went a little vintage in here. it’s pretty girly, but not too girly.
i mean, i could literally paint the walls pink and get a pink
bedspread and my husband still wouldn’t care.

oh and yes, those are my bras hanging on the wall.
i don’t like to stuff them in drawers and crinkle them all up.
thanks for noticing.
anyshways, here is a view from each side of the bed.
most of the pillows are just bought randomly…
the yellow ones used to be on my couch. so whatever.
make it work. except i did craft that flower pillow.
all the dressers were my hubby’s sisters when she grew up.
super cute. yes, i’ll take those.
i do want to paint some of them. any suggestions on color?


i got this glorious couch from my church. again, freebie. PTL.
ok and i did craft those flower pillows too.
i obviously have a thing for flower pillows. so sue me.
so above are other random what-nots in this room.
the chair is from a flea market.
looks just like the one at pottery barn…except we paid $30. score!
now some of you who know me in real life are saying,
your room never looks like this.
it’s too clean, and there’s not dirty clothes everywhere.
i know, i cleaned it for pictures.
optical illusion.
um let us move on to some kids rooms…
lila’s room was a joy to decorate. i wanted both a girly room
and a room i wouldn’t have to redecorate as she got older.
and BAM, this is what happened.
thank you urban outfitter clearance section and my mother’s wallpapering skills.
don’t worry, it never looked this good again.
after i took those pictures, lila messed it all up.
and continues to do so daily. sigh.
and the same goes for layne and penelope’s shared room.
it has never been this clean! boo.
anyway, it’s always a challenge to have a boy and a girl in one room together.
so we just went colorful and called it a day.
one side for the boy, one side for the girl.
and somewhere they meet in the middle.
at the rug.

i guess i should show you the other parts of my house,
but i couldn’t get them cleaned up in time.
so this is usually what my living room looks like.
a “fort” as layne calls it.
no joke, this happens like every other day.
yes, i am jumping off the couch.
don’t be jealous of my jumping pose.
thanks for coming over to my house…
it was fun having you.