Home made lovely- Erin’s home tour

Home made lovely- Erin's home tour

Welcome to Home Made Lovely! A weekly series featuring inspiring homes from around the blogging community. I’ve asked each blogger the same question-  “What does creating a lovely home mean to you?” Here’s what Erin shared… Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I’m Erin from In My Blessed Nest and I am thankful for so much this season… including the privilege of being part of Heather’s Home Made Lovely series.  I have so enjoyed getting glimpses into the loveliness of all the homes she has featured, and I am blessed to share what makes our home lovely to us. Over our fireplace, you’ll see this…and it pretty much sums up what makes our home lovely… its the love we have for each other.

I love this quote and was inspired by the use of all the reclaimed wood these days. Would you believe that the wood is actually bender board (used for landscaping)? And at only $1.97 for an 8 foot piece, it was exactly what I was looking for.  Living in suburbia, I don’t run into much reclaimed wood so I had to get creative.

Home made lovely- Erin's home tour

Inspiration for the ever popular felt garland came from here… and there may be a Christmas version in the works like this one… These 3 beauties are by far the loveliest things in our home…But loveliness in our home also comes in the way of lots of  family photos, vintage finds, ruffles and flowers, crafted items, family keepsakes, pretty colors, books, thrifted treasures, hand made projects, kids artwork…

This book case was the first piece of furniture (if you can really call it that) that my husband and I bought as a married couple.  It was on clearance at Pier One and we were so proud of ourselves to bring that into our first home (that was otherwise filled with my parents’ old furniture).  It has been moved here and there, but currently resides in the living room filled with grown up books (that we rarely have time to read) on the top shelves, and children’s books (that we can rarely avoid reading) on the bottom shelves.  One of my favorite things that I’ve ever made is the embroidery of the three girls.  I couldn’t resist the pattern (like most things with 3 girls in them) and had to make it.  It is so sweet…just like the real life girls.

Another source of loveliness in our home comes from music.  My husband is a musician and we are trying to foster a love for music by encouraging our girls to learn to play the piano.  Our oldest daughter, Brooklyn, is the first to learn.  Hopefully she’ll make more progress than her mom, who quit before she ever really got the hang of it.  Anyway, we picked up the piano (well literally my husband and another strong man did) for free, and found just about the only space in the house where it would fit.

Sandwiched in between the living room and kitchen is our dining room area. (I guess it doesn’t classify as its own room since its really all one room, but you get the idea). Now if I would’ve taken this photo just days before, you would have seen some aqua mason jar loveliness holding these flowers.  But like all good things, it came to an end (when it slipped just out of my reach and slammed into the counter top).  A good reminder for me that things are just things, even my favorite ones. Its a perspective I have to remind myself of often, especially with little ones who are known for their spills, scribbles, and general destruction.  Because even if I try to fill my home with lovely things, its the people within it that display true loveliness.

And as every home needs a chalk board…we’ve got ours.  I have an aunt who always had inspirational quotes and verses posted around her house and I often wondered if it was worth her time, thinking she had them there for her kids to ponder.  Now being a mom myself, I realize they were all for her.  We often need daily moment by moment reminders to keep our focus where it should be, and this chalk board has become home to those reminders for me.

And now for the most action-packed room in the house…the kitchen.   Kinda of funny how the smallest room gets more traffic than any other…must be the food!.  I dream of having a dine in kitchen/breakfast nook, but for now, since the majority of my diners are under 4 feet tall, this does the job.  I found this miniature card table and chairs at Walgreens and recovered the table with polka-dotty oil cloth.  Definitely one of our most used items in the house.  Snacks, play-dough, crafts, homework… and it folds and fits perfectly in that space next to the fridge where nothing else does!

Above my gorgeous oak cabinets (come on, you know you envy them), I have the infamous dust catching ledge.  Trying to walk the fine line between cluttering it up and making it look pretty, I’ve displayed a few of my favorite things.  Since I am attracted to girls in threes, the matroyoshka doll glasses (which sadly enough will probably never be used by the actual girls they represent… too bad they didn’t come in sippee cups!), the collection of Martha Steward Food magazines (which are much prettier than they are useful, I find), and my favoritest cake stand with Target dollar bin ramekins.

And no kitchen would be complete without some lovely aprons, hot pads, plates, and dish towels right?  Thank you Anthropologie, House 8810, and my favorite thrifting destinations. Anyone with kids knows the fridge inevitably becomes an art gallery, a display of their best works of art.  And at times, ours is so full of their little creations, we can barely get the door open.  But I love that.   I love that they are proud of what they create and they want to share the loveliness of it with our family.

I also love the quote that hangs near them.  Because the kitchen can be a place where I get bogged down… the humdrum routine of meal making, the constant crumbs, the never ending stream of dirty dishes…and I need a reminder that all these little, seemingly meaningless tasks are the ways I show love to my family.  The work that I do in my kitchen (and throughout my home) is needful, meaningful, loving and important.

Okay, ready to head upstairs?

We have a long hallway upstairs between the master and the girls’ bedrooms.  This hallway gets a lot of traffic.  From little feet running to our room at 2 am to little feet running to our room at 5 am, we pass by this wall a lot.  So I wanted something that would remind us of who we are as a family, and evoke many precious memories.  I had plans to change the pictures out a lot but haven’t done much of that…yet.   But…I’ve got plans brewing for a bit of a makeover soon.

Now for the master.  Up until a year ago I tried to keep our bedroom very gender neutral.  Well, I’ve given up and gone girly.  My poor husband has no refuge from the flowers and ruffles around here.  But doesn’t it look pretty?  And get this…he’s the one with the bed-making skills (nice pillow placement right?!).

I recently picked up the headboard from Craig’s list (it is actually a foot board… would have been nice to have known that before I drove 40 miles to pick it up right?).  Anyway, my good-natured husband, who tolerates most all of my shenanigans, rigged it up for me.  And the quilt.  My amazing mother-in-law (and the genius of Anna Maria Horner’s Innocent Crush line) is to blame for that loveliness. I like to call her my fairy god-mother-in-law because she makes such amazing things.  The granny square pillow? Again, the fairy-god-mother-in-law.

The mirrors above the bed are a work in progress.  Any time I find a new one I like, I integrate it into the mix.  And maybe move them all around a little.  And maybe make my walls look like swiss cheese. But you can’t see that from here can you?

Another work in progress is that lamp shade.  Turn it around and you’ll see a raw edge being held in place by a bobby pin.  But you can’t see that from here can you?  My husband has given up on asking me when I am going to finish that one.  There are more important crafts to be made I tell him.

And on to the pink palace.  Obviously I let the girls choose the colors in here.  What four and six year old girls wouldn’t choose “sparkle pink” and “piglet”.  My two older girls, Brooklyn and Ellie, share this room and are thrilled to have bunk beds.  Yet another Craig’s list find gone wrong…then right.    Turns out they were 2 twin beds bolted together, which makes for very little head room on the bottom bunk.  Hey, they do it in the navy, right? And really, how much headroom does a four year old need?

This dresser was my first full-on refinishing project.  Typically I just give furniture a light sanding and then hit it with the spray paint.  But this thing had been mauled by a cat or some other wild clawed beast on several of the drawers and needed a deep sanding.  In comes the power sander.  Fun and fast. I may never go back to hand-sanding again.

My daughters have inherited my love for decorating and I often find them with random objects strewn around the room or taped to the walls.  I try to give them their creative freedom even though the perfectionistic side of me wants a a picture-perfect room.  I also try to help them keep their room tidy (a huge walk-in closet hides most of their clothes and toys from the public eye) but, of course, it’s a struggle.  Most of the time the floor is littered with Polly Pocket’s miniscule shoes, ballerina tutus, fairy wings and other paraphernalia. All things that are beloved and lovely to them.

And finally, the baby’s (who isn’t such a baby anymore…boo hoo!) room.  When Leighton moves out of her crib, I will only be consoled by the amazing Jenny Lind bed in the garage awaiting a fresh coat of yellow paint.  I am relishing the days of having a nursery, for I know it won’t be long until it’s a big girl room.