Home Made Lovely- Emily’s Home Tour


Welcome to Home Made Lovely!
A weekly series featuring inspiring homes from around the blogging community.
I ask each blogger the same question-
What does creating a lovely home mean to you?
Here’s what Emily shared-

Bonjour et Bienvenue!
I’m Emily and I blog about my life as a Christian, mom, and wife living in the heart of Montreal, Quebec at {our nest in the city}. I’m always looking for opportunities to share about how truly great it is to live and raise a family in the city, so a home tour seems the perfect fit – I’ve never done one on my own blog and was delighted when Heather gave me the platform to do so!
I’ll start with my definition of lovely. I’d say Lovely is something that is beautiful (a totally subjective thing!) and instills feelings of love. A person or object, even a city, can be lovely. And even broken things, as most things are, can be redeemed as lovely. That’s our prayer for our lives and our great city, and we hope to use our home as one way to communicate that.
So hello and welcome 🙂
We live on one of the busiest streets in Montreal, in an old (renovated) brownstone triplex, on the second floor. Which means no yard, no garage, no basement, so every square inch is used in our home.


We’re also a single income family and my husband is in ministry, living downtown, so our decorating “theme” is cheap! I’d say 90% of everything in our home is from one of three places: Ikea, Salvation Army, or Craigslist, which suits me just fine because I love the thrill of the hunt and taking something cast off and making it lovely.


Oddly (our whole home is 1,000 sq ft), there’s a sizable foyer when you first walk in, so naturally we turned that into an office for my husband! Every square foot counts, and we fit a reading chair, book shelf (that he and a friend built themselves), and desk (in the closet!) into the space that would have been wasted as a foyer.

Since our closet now houses his desk, the wall became our closet:



Moving right along… Because we’re in a city row house, there are only windows in the front and back of our long home. The layout ensures that most rooms still have a good amount of natural light, our kitchen is the exception. Recently we painted the cabinets and island white to brighten up the space and I love it!



To me a lovely home is always one where guests can feel at home. We took off most of the cabinet doors so no one ever has to ask for a drink or snack – they can see where to find it and know they’re always welcome! And when we have larger groups over and other people are washing my dishes, they know where to put everything away (score).



A lovely home is also one that is lived in well.I joke that the kitchen is my office because I’m in it so much. I LOVE to cook, bake, and eat! I like having my baking and cooking ingredients on hand and visible so I know where everything is. Open cabinets and clear canisters work really well for me.

I also find vintage dishes so lovely. Every trip to Salvation Army I hope to find some treasure in the form of vintage dishes, tea cups, and kitchen wares – from all different eras. My collection is growing slowly and I’m always on the look out.


Off the kitchen is the kid’s room.
It’s the sunniest room in the house and houses all of their toys.
I think it’s so lovely when Lily or Oli use things that Brad and I used as babies. We have a few antique pieces in their room and lots of old toys and books from our childhoods.

The dresser was a garage sale find that we painted and added new hardware to and the floating shelf that houses all of our cloth diapers and books was from Ikea.
To me, things made by hand are lovely. There’s something about knowing a loved one carefully put in the effort and skill (or lack there of in my case!) with that baby or child in mind. I made all of the pillows on the kid’s reading corner and my sister made the beautiful quilts on the kid’s beds.
Some more details:
the white trunk used to be black when I found it on the side of the road,
and the turquoise rocker is a gift from my mom. Most of these fabrics were bought at  local fabric store, Emeline & Annabelle
I’m not a great seamstress but I use fabric all the time. Does that count?
the mobile was handmade by Cookie & Curly, and the stripes were a crazy fun project!
Onto the dining room, which is right off the kitchen!
We recently refinished our hand-me-down dining room table and spray painted the chairs yellow and white.


I promise the yellow fruit in the bowl is a fluke! I’m not big on matchy-matchy 🙂
You can see the living room right past the dining room:


The sectional fits our life perfectly. Welcomes a crowd, hides spills, makes the room cozy and cleans up good 😉 We found this beauty on Craigslist along with the Ikea glass tables.
I love how open our home is, but shared spaces get messy quickly! During the days there are toys everywhere, but Brad and I really try to guard our couple time once they’re in bed so we tidy every.single.night.
It might seem daunting, but it’s hard to relax with your husband when you’re sitting on wooden blocks, amen?  Plus it helps that we keep our toy stash very limited with the rule that whatever doesn’t fit in the drawer under the TV or in the baskets in the room, doesn’t stay.
Loving on our city is so important to us, and one way we do that is by investing in it. This beautiful painting is by Adamo Tiseo, a lovely local artist. Brad also has one of his prints on his bedside table. Everything else on these shelves was found at Salvation Army or the side of the road (not kidding!)
The view from our bedroom. I switch up the pillows all the time.
The purple one I scored a a stuff swap with friends and the blue and white chevron cover was from Etsy.
I switch up the mantle by the season, or if I get a new lovely thing I want to display. Right now It’s mainly Salvation Army trinkets, a DIY message center, and a print from Naptime Diaries