Home Made Lovely- Cailan’s Home Tour

Cailan's Home Tour

Welcome to Home Made Lovely!

A weekly series featuring inspiring homes from around the blogging community.
I’ve asked each blogger the same question-

“What does creating a lovely home mean to you?”

Here’s what Cailan shared… Hello, there!  I am positively tickled to be here at Heather’s – I adore her lovely self and I love this Home Made Lovely Series! I believe that wherever you are, that is your Spot – your very own place to express something of yourself and make your own beauty.

Cailan's Home Tour

If your home expresses you and your family – it is lovely. I believe that loveliness can come secondhand, slightly broken, very used, rather cheap and full of potential.

I do not believe in waiting to make your Spot lovely until your little people have ceased being messy and grown out of the inclination to paint lipstick on your bed linens.  I believe that children are affected by originality and beauty, and I hope that someday my kiddos will remember their childhood home as a lovely place where their mother was ever creating and encouraging them to create and find some beauty in each day.

Cailan's Home Tour

On to the tour! We bought our first home two years ago – so blessed to find a foreclosure just around the corner from my sister and her family.  Here’s the entry way and no, I do not make a habit of keeping my closet doors wide open.  While I hate to say this pristine order was a one time deal,  it certainly doesn’t look quite so extremely tidy at the moment.  However, knowing it has the potential to be beautiful keeps me going back to tidy it up again.

Here’s where we eat 99% of our meals, because it’s cozy being around a round table. My mom originally found the table at a thrift store, then my sister had it, and then it came to me and I painted it teal, which makes my brown chairs happy.Cailan's Home Tour


On the wall nearby I hung a photo gallery of open frames that makes it easy to switch in new pictures of my sweet little people and requires zero glass cleaning. I’m able to be a stay-at-home mom by working as a bookkeeper and love being able to work here at this desk right in between the kitchen and family room.

A little over two years ago we welcomed twins into our little family of three.  We were still living in our first little basement apartment in Iowa, and we brought the twins home from the hospital to pack-in-plays in the living room.  Six months later we moved to Colorado and lived in my brother-in-law and sister’s basement and the twins slept in pack-in-plays in the basement storage room.  So when at last we moved into our this, our first home, it was pretty much bliss to set up two cribs in a Nursery.   Now, since one of the twins was my first (and maybe only?!) baby girl I went ahead and painted the nursery pink.  I’d already done the boy nursery theme when my oldest was born, so it was time to have my girlie one. Her twin brother doesn’t seem to mind too much, and we make sure he always has green blankets – no pink. 😉  Still working on their big brother’s room…

And here’s our master bedroom.  I feel like I make our bed different everyday and today I must say it looks a little extra rumpled and topsy-turvy. It is a rather feminine room.  Fortunately, as long as the room is C.L.E.A.N, my sweetheart doesn’t mind.  In fact, the other day he announced that he’d really like a full canopy – such a romantic.

Obviously, I cleaned up for all of you and left out many corners, but hope you enjoyed visiting some of my Spot. I love making it more us each day and living life in it with those I love best. Thank you much for having me, Heather!