Home Made Lovely- Becky’s Home Tour

 Welcome to Home Made Lovely!
A weekly series featuring inspiring homes from around the
blogging community.  I’ve asked each blogger the same question-
“What does creating a lovely home mean to you?”
Here’s what Becky shared…

Hi there…welcome to our home.  My name is Becky Strahle and I write the blog Farmgirl Paints.  When Heather asked me to be a part of her House Made Lovely series I let out a whoop and holler;)  I’ve been reading along week after week with these gorgeous, quirky fun houses and to be included in that line-up is a huge honor…so thank you Heather!!!
We moved to Virginia 6 months ago from Minnesota and for me the house was the biggest puzzle piece to finding our place here.  One of the things we were looking for was a better layout.  I paint and create jewelry for my Etsy shop and I was using our basement at the time.  Which wasn’t always ideal.  It didn’t have great lighting, and I’m messy when I create.  So when we found this house with it’s huge bonus room I was sold.  This space is where I spend most of my time.  I have little stations set up for various projects I’m working on…and it has doors that I can close to hide the mess.  YAY!!
At the top of our stairs was just a dark after thought of a corner, so I decided to spruce it up with some pictures.  I love photographs.  This frame was a perfect way of displaying lots of them at one time.  I just stapled chicken wire to the back of it and voila.

This is my little chick’s room.  For her 8th birthday I surprised her with a fun little tree mural.  The tree is painted with chalkboard paint.  She loves to play teacher and uses the tree to teach her class.
This is our living room.  We go for comfort in our house.  You won’t really find any furniture that’s not super lived in.  I’m looking for the perfect rug to warm up our toes.  Something soft and furry maybe.
I love this little hallway.  I bought this church pew at a garage sale several years ago for $60.  It’s one of my favorite things.  We added the IKEA sconces for a touch of sparkle.  That’s one thing that really makes a difference in decorating.  The first thing we did when we moved in was change out all the light fixtures.  Notice the overhead light in the living room…it reminds me of my parents old farmhouse.
This barn painting is one of my pieces.  It’s fun to see my paintings here and there throughout the house.  Definitely makes it feel homey.  The little toy cows and clocks were given to me by a very sweet friend.  When I look at my mantle I think of her.  Don’t those cows look like they are grazing in that field?;)
I love words.  Throughout our house you will see encouragement on signs that make you feel loved and inspired.  I don’t think you can over do it with words.
This is our kitchen.  It’s starting to be used a lot more.  One of my New Year’s resolutions was to feed our family better.  I’m working on it.
The mat under the kitchen table was a floor clothe project I did several years back.  It’s just painted canvas.  I’m amazed at how long it’s lasted.
This blue truck is one of my very favorite finds.  I just love it.  I change out the “load” with the seasons.

The black lunch pail reminds me of my daddy.  He always carried one like that to work when I was little.

I love thrifting and going through antique stores.  On my last trip home to Illinois (that’s where I grew up) I found some really cute canisters and an orange bread box.  We never could find a good place to put our vitamins.  Problem solved!
This is our fun funky piano room.  It’s the first room you see as you enter our house.  I had this really weird idea to paint telephone poles on the big blank wall.  I used chalkboard paint and then wrote some encouraging words like faith, believe, trust etc… on it.  I blew up some of our favorite pictures and hung them from tiny clothespins on string.  The light is from IKEA.
Years ago I painted the piano.  It was an ugly dark brown…very dated.  Not an easy project to conquer…trust me.  I’m kind of wishing I would have gone a little bold and painted it yellow or turquoise blue.  That would have made an awesome focal point.

This is our dining room.  We never eat in here.  It’s more like our mud room/game room.  When we moved from Minnesota to Virginia we couldn’t believe no one had mud rooms.  In Minnesota we HAD to have one because of all the ice and snow.  So before we left I had someone make these lockers for us.  They make me happy when I look at them.
I paint house paintings for people.  That house on top of the lockers is our old home in Minnesota.  It had to find a place in our new home.  We had so many precious memories in that house.
I bought this old ceiling tin at a flea market and thought it would make a great picture display.  If you haven’t noticed yet I LOVE pictures of my people.
And finally, this is our bedroom.  The giant butterfly above our bed came from Home Goods.  I love that store.  It kind of just makes the whole room pop.  The chandie is from Home Depot.  Got a steal of a deal on that too.
This dresser is my favorite thing in the house.  My friend Marylynn gave it to me.  I’d wanted one since I was a little girl.  I remember my grandma having one.  The first thing I did was find some fun knobs that I loved and then painted the dresser to match.  I sit here every day and blow dry my hair and put on my makeup.  It makes me happy down to my toes:)
This jewelry display is actually an old crib railing.  I saw it at Junk Bonanza a couple of years ago and at first thought magazine rack, but when I got it home I knew I’d finally found something to hang all my jewelry on.
To me that is what home is all about.  It should be full of things you love…things that remind you of a time and place…of special people.  It doesn’t have to match.  It doesn’t have to follow any rules.  It’s your safe haven.  It should embrace you when you enter through its doors.  Thanks for coming along:)
Have a blessed day.