Flor’s Holiday Home Made Lovely

Flor’s Holiday Home Made Lovely

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I’ve asked each blogger the same question-

“What does creating a lovely home mean to you?”

Here’s what Flor shared…somebody pinch me please.. I can’t believe I’m about to share my humble little house on this fabulous blog. to be amongst such awesome and creative people.. well, this may just be the highlight of my entire year! I’m Flor and I blog at Life in Progress.. it’s so nice to meet you!

If you were actually face to face, i’d give you a kiss on the cheek and a big hug but since we aren’t, I suppose you’ll have to settle for this virtual greeting instead. I know. I can feel your disappointment through the computer screen our house has been a work in progress for years now. yes. that’s how long it has taken me to realize that there is a difference between a house and a home. a big difference. you see, when we first moved here as a family of four, I didn’t have a decorating style.

Flor’s Holiday Home Made Lovely

I was a young mother with two young kids and 3 years into a wonderful marriage. in my mind, i had an idea of how I wanted my house to look like. elegant, sophisticated and traditional… like a real adult house.  I set out to create it. Then it got to a point where I cringed every time I walked into my house. Sure it was lovely.. but it wasn’t a home. Tt just wasn’t us. It didn’t reflect us as a family.. our love for the Lord, our love for each other, my love of quirky, old things and it certainly didn’t reflect my passion for creating things.

So now I surround myself with the things that bring me JOY whether it be pictures, a bird figurine, home made art work, bible verses or fabric scraps. It’s about the things that spark a special memory, that make you smile and chuckle because you know the real story behind it or the things that are just so darn pretty it would be a shame not to display them for other peoples viewing pleasure.

Flor’s Holiday Home Made Lovely

So that’s it. that’s my answer to Heather’s question. did I pass? it’s a little over a week before Christmas and so my house is decked out in all it’s Christmas glory. It’s my most favorite time of the year!

{and I will warn you now about the picture overload that will follow. my house is never this clean with three kids running around.. this is my proof that at one point my house was clean! ha!}

We have really TALL ceilings in this room.. we had to go with a fake Christmas tree this year. Oh, how I miss you real Christmas tree. Those little suitcases hold my table cloths.. and I painted that striped rug myself. Huge pictures of our little family using modge podge and canvas boards.. I keep reminding myself that I have to update these pictures but I can’t bear to take them down yet.
Our family rules sign made by my husband… I make my kids read it to me when they are being a little extra feisty.. works like a charm! pillow made from a painters drop cloth and stenciled on.
and there’s something about an old oar and polka dot tissue flowers that I love. God has been really impressing on my heart to simplify in many areas in my life and so for this Christmas most of my store bought Christmas items were left in boxes.

Instead, I used cake plates, natural greenery, old books, candles and pieces of lace/twine as my Christmas decoration items.  it’s a reflection of where we are in our lives right now.. simple and understated.

our main living room. oh I wish this room extended out another 20 feet! I think I am the only person in this world that wishes she didn’t have a fireplace. It’s in the wrong spot and it’s so awkwardly placed but I’m grateful for what I’ve been given so I make do with it for now.

My mom made that white slipcover on that sectional couch. she’s a genius with a sewing machine. I would take credit for it but I know one of my family members will be reading this and will call me out for fibbing those windows bring in some wonderful natural light.. perfect for taking pictures of my kids.

you’ll notice I use alot of white throughout my house and pops of color. this is completely intentional and with a hidden purpose. The white allows the light to bounce of it’s surface and it makes for beautiful bright pictures

{not that I know much about it all but I’ve learned from trial and error}

So while I dream of having colorful curtains with cute patterns, I am not yet willing to sacrifice all this bright natural light that I get. it’s all about priorities, right? our display shelf. Those nifty little boxes are from Ikea. Each child has a box and their coloring books, work books and pencils are stored in this box.
those tree branches hold our completed advent calender activities completed so far.

Our table where we eat our meals and gather as a family. I use pieces of material to cover the seats on the chairs. I just lay the material on top of the covered chair pad and take it off to wash it when it gets dirty.

I would like to tell you that some great meals are made in this kitchen but that simply isn’t true. I don’t enjoy the cooking process.. it’s really stressful for me but little kids need to be fed until they can learn to fend for themselves. just kidding. {kind of} i have my bible verses hanging up on the side cabinet right by my sink. My own little therapy session right there in my kitchen.. me, God and a sink full of dirty dishes.

because my house is a newer house, every other house in our community has the same floor plan.

I know, right? boring. So that means I have to find ways to add character to our little house and really make it our own. That screen door up there is actually our pantry. my husband used the existing door and cut out the top of it, framed it and added a screen.

It’s our newest project and i’m just thrilled about it. the girls room and some of my favorite scrapbook paper on embroidery hoops. their baby clothes hung up on old frames.. it’s simple and girly.. just like my girls. I kind of don’t really recognize this room because it’s so clean. I think I need to go upstairs now and make it a little messy.. then it will feel like normal our master bedroom is getting a little make-over so it’s not included in this house tour.

believe me, you don’t want to see it in it’s current state. and that’s pretty much it for this little tour. I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed putting it together for you. my hope is that you have been inspired to create a home that reflects your style and show cases the joys in your life. heather, thank you SO much for inviting me. I get so much inspiration from these Home Made Lovely tours and am just so humbled that I was able to share my home with everyone!