Different Kinds of Artificial Grass


Artificial grass has advanced significantly and is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional grass lawns. There are numerous reasons business owners prefer commercial artificial grass to natural grass. In terms of maintenance costs, it is the most cost-effective option in the long run. So, if you want to increase the longevity of your synthetic turf, it is essential to identify its different types.

Types of Artificial Turf based on materials

Polypropylene is the cheapest option for artificial grass. It comes in different styles and can be found in various colours. However, this type of artificial grass is not ideal for commercial use. Its low melting point makes it prone to damage and is not very durable. This type of turf is best suited for smaller spaces. 

Polyethylene is another type of artificial grass that is non-porous. This type of synthetic grass will not retain odours as nylon does. This type of artificial turf is a more affordable option and will stand up to foot traffic just as well. In addition to these features, polyethylene artificial lawns are easy to clean and come at different prices. The main downside to polyethylene is the need to rake it periodically. 

Additionally, nylon outperforms all other varieties of fake grass in terms of temperature and UV light tolerance. These features, however, can be added once an installation firm adjusts them. Among the numerous applications for nylon artificial grass are the following:

  • Areas for recreation
  • Fields of play
  • Lawns
  • Outdoor Recreational Areas
  • Grassy slopes and pool decks


Types of Fake Turf based on Pile Height

Short Pile Height

Fake grass with less than 30mm pile heights can appear as natural as artificial grass with more extended pile heights. There are, however, a lot of benefits and uses for piles that are a little shorter than usual. 

Medium Pile Height

Artificial grass is usually between 30mm to 37mm in height. This allows for a natural appearance without the need to support it. A medium pile height will most likely give you a beautiful yard or recreational area that you will love.

Long Pile Height

If you purchase artificial grass with a 37mm pile, you should be careful. The grass will look heavy and flattened. Although a long pile of artificial grass can look natural, it is better to have a nice lawn. Artificial grass that is too heavy will eventually become unwieldy and not be able to stand up straight. This is not what anyone wants for their backyard or lawn.

To know more about the matter, read this infographic from Easy Turf.

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