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Welcome to Home Made Lovely, a special home tour series.

It is an honor to be part of the lovely series, Home Made Lovely! Thank you, Heather! Hi! I’m Clarita, wife to Ben, and mommy to Zoe, Olivia, and Hudson. I blog about our family and home and everyday beauty at Skies of Parchment, also known as The Cottage at 341 South. family 795

The motivation for me to make my house a home is just that – to create a place of physical safety as well as a home for the hearts of my family. Long before I was married I dreamed that if God ever brought a husband into my life, I wanted to create a haven for him, a little bit of heaven on earth! I do not offer perfection, not by a long shot! 🙂 But I want to create a home that when he enters at the end of the day, however stressful his work day may have been, whatever pressures he felt – all that can be laid aside in a happy sigh of “I’m HOME.” Heart-home, and house-home. And as children have entered our world, I want the same for them – to create an environment of love, a fun place, and a place of rest.

door 2porch 1

I want the external part of our home to just be a reflection of our heart-home. Because what use is a beautiful home is there is contention and friction? I want the beauty of our home to be real. As believers in Jesus and people that reflect His character, I want my children to grow with an appreciation for order and beauty, but without the pressure of perfectionism or chaos. And trust me, this is a daily challenge to find that balance! I love to have a new project to work on, to create new things for my home business My Faire Lady Designs, to find the perfect shade of paint for that Goodwill treasure – it’s all like grown-up playing for me. 🙂 So there are many thrift finds in our home. We try to have a Pottery Barn/Anthropologie/Restoration Hardware style on a craigslist/yard sale/Goodwills/thrift store budget! 🙂 I love a clean look, although I’m not a minimalist [as much as I wish I were]. I like a fresh uncluttered look but with a lot of detail. Show me the little goodies, please! My goal is to have a home that will bless, not just impress, as a friend once said. I want to create a home that inspires and blesses other women, not that creates feelings of discontentment. We don’t have a lot of expensive stuff; actually, we joke that if we were to be robbed, there would be nothing anyone would want but us! Each woman has her own unique tastes and likes, and I love to see individuality and uniqueness – not where someone feels pressure to decorate a particular way. So, I hope this encourages someone who is on a budget too, and you don’t feel that you have to have a million dollars to have a beautiful home! 🙂 I did laugh as I took these pictures though, because it was kind of like clean-up-one-room, take-pictures, clean up another, take pictures. With three children, the house does not stay picture-perfect for long! Several years ago we bought a hundred-year old cottage in a small-town south; it was in terrible shape, and I thought it was a hopeless cause. My husband, however, not only has the great ability to see the potential in the midst of that I thought was impossible and depressing, but he also has his own business as a carpenter and is able to carry out his ideas! So after several months of very hard work, he completely transformed the 1500 square foot cottage! We’ve lived here for nearly three years, and we love working together to create a home! My husband creates the great bones, and I add the detail.

the cottage at 341 south

The kitchen is one of my favorite places in the house. It’s not large, but it’s full of natural light, and it’s efficient.

kitchen 1

My husband made both the concrete and butcher block countertops himself for a fraction of the price of what it would have cost to buy it. The butcher block counter was made from old 2 x 4’s from the house, isn’t that precious?!

kitchen 3

I found these vintage canisters at a junk store, and they became part of the family! 🙂 I had to repaint the letters, and buy drawer pulls for the tops.

kitchen 9

This beautiful girl [the sink] holds a tender spot in my heart. I named her Audrey and think she makes our kitchen! She was my birthday gift for several years! 🙂 The pendant was a free light that we repainted.

kitchen 11

I like the open shelves in part of the kitchen – guests never have to ask where a glass is, and it displays all the dishes we use on a daily basis as well as my thrifting-collection of milk glass.

kitchen 4kitchen  8kitchen 6